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Program Overview

    Train students to build patriotism and collective thoughts and possess high sense of social responsibilities and good professional ethnics, and actively train high-level applied, compound and international engineering technology and engineering management talents for the national economic construction and social development services.


    Master solid basic theoretical knowledge for computer science and technology, possess system analysis, design and development capabilities by principles, methods and new technologies, and understand latest development trend at home and abroad; and possess relatively high engineering practice capability, management capability, international vision and innovation, and able to engage in scientific research, design of software and hardware system, project management, software development and system integration and other in own professional field.


Application of Study Resultsly

    Through the study in the postgraduate stage of Computer, students should have a solid theoretical basis and a broad professional knowledge in computer technology field. At the same time, students should equip themselves with strong ability to analyze and solve practical problems, especially in engineering applications. Students are expected to be fluency in English. They should be innovative computer engineering talents capable of software designing and coding, project management, effective communication, coordination, and participation in international competition. 


Instructional Objective

    TIEI refers to French engineering education to train talents with applied, compound, internationalization, high-level engineering techniques and management lessons. Students should have a solid theoretical basis in the field of computer science and technology, they will have the ability to analyze, design and develop by utilizing principles, methods and new technologies. At the same time, they need to know about the latest development trends at home and abroad. They should have strong engineering practical ability, management ability, international vision and spirit of innovation. They are expected to devote themselves to scientific research in the filed of computer, and thus be capable of software and hardware system design, project management, software development and system integration, etc.


    According to the instructional objectives, students can choose their major field from the following options during their study in TIEI:


    Machine intelligence and perception: Students will learn the basic knowledge of machine perception, intelligent information processing and cognitive science, such as visual perception, auditory perception, digital media, visualization and so on. In the future, these knowledge will be applied to all aspects of the industry and daily life such as intelligent robot, intelligent machines, intelligent electrical appliances and so on.


    Network engineering: Students will learn the basic knowledge of computer network engineering, Ethernet and wireless LAN technology, WAN and LAN technologies, Internet and networking technology, the establishment and management of network servers, network security technology, network requirements and planning, network design, network management and maintenance, etc. Students are expected to be high-level engineering talents capable of designing and developing all kinds of network and computer communication system in the information industry and other national economy departments.


    Smart city and big data: Students will learn about data mining, machine learning, database management, data processing, data display technology, etc. These knowledge will be applied to intelligent transportation, wisdom medical, emergency treatment, urban planning and other fields combined closely with human life.


    Mobile internet applications: Along with the rapid popularity of mobile intelligent terminal, China has the world's largest number of mobile terminal users, more than 800 millions mobile Internet users. With the popularity of intelligent terminal equipment and the rise of wearable devices, mobile applications will prosper and be further developed in the future. Through the learning of computer vision, computer voice, human-computer interaction technology, this technology will be used in health, daily life, learning, entertainment and other fields in the future.