Chinese English

Program Overview

    Students should be fluency in English before being admitted. From the 1st to 5th semester, lectures on electronic science and technology, circuits and systems, signal and information processing, communications and network are given. Students learn general knowledge of electronic information engineering through lectures, independent learning, authenticating experiments, designing-oriented experiments and team project. Part of the 2nd and the 4th semester will be professional practice, and the 6th semester will be a full-time graduation internship within enterprises or research laboratories.


Available Courses Includes:

·         Semiconductor device, circuit and system design, especially RF analog circuit that other universities rarely involve.

·         Digital signal processing, mainly the signal processing technology and hardware-based system design on multimedia, communications, robotics and biomedicine.

·         Communication networks, mainly on communication system design, wireless communications, optical fiber communications and computer communication network.


Application of Study Results

    The courses help students master the basic theory and techniques on electronic science, communication science, and information science; the general theory and techniques on computer science and control science; advanced technical methods and modern technical experiments for solving engineering problems. The courses will also train students to have the ability to engage in scientific research and development in electronic and related fields, undertake related professional and technical work independently, as well as the ability of organizational management, communication, environmental adaptation and team cooperation.


Instructional Objectives

    By referring to the model of French engineering education, combining the actual conditions of China, we cultivate talents with solid theoretical foundation and systematical professional knowledge. They are expected to have international perspective, high capacity of engineering practice and the ability of management, innovation as well as flexibly using the learned knowledge. They should be application-oriented, inter-disciplinary, international and high-level engineering technical and management talents capable of researching, designing, manufacturing, application and developing with various types of electronic equipment and information systems.