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    According to regulations of relevant documents of Tianjin University, student selection work of TIEI will carry out comprehensive measurement in moral, intellectual, physical respects and implement merit-based selection to ensure the quality. The interview should be carried out with the spirit of “quality before quantity” and the principle of “openness, fairness and equity”. In order to strengthen management and make the interview and admission work more normalized and systematized, the interview method of Sino-French Engineer Class of Tianjin University has been made, combining with actual situation of our institute.


I. Principle of Interview Work

    i. Adhere to scientificity of the interview. Comprehensive and diversified assessment forms and methods are adopted to explore and obey the selection rule for high-level professional talents and to make the top innovative talents show themselves.

    ii. Overall assessment with particular emphasis. On the basis of comprehensive measurement in moral, intellectual and physical respects, attention shall be paid to the evaluations of professional quality, comprehensive capacity and etc. Evaluations of ideological    

        and political quality, communication and cooperation capacities and professional ethnics will also be carried out.

    iii. Quantification of the results. There are quantitative results for professional quality and comprehensive quality.

    iv. Adhere to “openness, fairness and equity”. For the process of interview, it is required to achieve transparent policy, fair procedure, open operation and complete supervising mechanism.

    v. To be people-oriented and serve the examinees. Service awareness should be improved, the dignity of the examinees should be respected and the legal rights of the examinees should be guaranteed.


II. Content of the Interview

    Content of the interview includes evaluations of capacities of listening and speaking foreign languages and comprehensive quality and capacity. The test of capacities of listening and speaking foreign language accounts for 20 points and the evaluation of comprehensive quality and capacity accounts for 80 points.

    Test of capacities of listening and speaking foreign language includes test of listening foreign language and test of speaking foreign language.

    Evaluation of comprehensive quality and capacity includes ideological and political quality, moral character, professional quality, innovation capacity, scientific research and practice experience, group cooperation capacity, entrepreneur spirit, sense of responsibility, vocational quality, expression and communication capacities of the examinees (see TableD.3.c-1 and TableD.3.c-2). The interview time for each examinee is generally not less than 10 minutes. The specific evaluation standards are as the following:

    i. Test for capacities of listening and speaking foreign language

       1. Listening test of foreign language (10 points)

       2. Oral test of foreign language (10 points)

    ii. Five indexes of evaluation of comprehensive quality and capacities

       1. Evaluation of manners and etiquette, ideological and political quality, moral character and mental health (15 points);

       2. Scientific spirit, team spirit, consciousness of innovation, communication and expression and understanding (20 points);

       3. Situation of learning, scientific research, competition and social practice (20 points);

       4. Self-confidence, sense of responsibility, self control, leadership and contingency ability (10 points);

       5. Knowledge structure, matching rate of specialty, planning for the future 3 years and adaptability to the new specialty environment. (15 points).


III. Composition and Requirements of Interview Group

    i. The leading group for interview work of Sino-French Engineer Class was established, which is composed of Office of Teaching Affairs, discipline inspector and supervisor, graduate School, Qiushi Honors College, course teachers of each specialty and relevant personnel. It is responsible for planning the interview selection work for Sino-French Engineer Class as a whole, formulating the specific scheme of interview work and organizing implementation of the scheme. Besides, it is responsible for guiding work of interview group and solving the queries and complains proposed by the examinees in the process of interview.

    ii. Composition and requirements of interview group. Each college sets up 3 interview groups according to the actual situation of their respective disciplines and specialties. Each group should be composed by at least 5 tutors, who are responsible for implementing test of the examinees’ capacities of listening and spoken foreign language and evaluation of comprehensive quality and capacities. One group leader is set for each interview group, who is responsible for interview work of his/her group. Composition of the interview group should be reviewed and determined by the leading group of interview work of Sino-French Engineer Class.

    iii. All the interview work is carried out under leadership of the leading group for graduate recruitment of the institute. Besides, the discipline inspection department, office of teaching affairs and graduate school compose a supervision and inspection group for interview work, which is responsible for supervising and inspecting each link of the interview of Sino-French Engineer Class and ensuring fairness and justness of the whole interview.

    iv. The list of interview group of Sino-French Engineer Class must be submitted to the enrollment office of the graduate school timely and the interview results of the examinees should be reported to the office of teaching affairs.