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Bin Jiang

Bin Jiang




Title:Associate Professor



With Bachelor degree & postgraduate study in English Language & Literature, I have excellent English skills in listening, reading, writing and speaking.

As a College English teacher for 30 years, I have adequate opportunities to practice interpersonal and organizational skills in class. I do a lot of researches and have many books and papers published in these years.

Also I have experience of more than 15 years being BEC oral examiner and IELTS invigilator.


B.A. majoring in English; Tianjin Normal University,

Postgraduate study, majoring in linguistics; Tianjin Normal University

Research Interests

Applied Linguistics; Western Culture

Selected Publications

Main Works

(1) Synchronous and Intensive Training for New College English (Book II)

(2) Synchronous and Intensive Training for New College English (Book IV)

(3)New Horizon College EnglishWorkbook

(4) What is the Score of your Composition?

(5) College English Extended Courses Series

(6) The Application of Language and Propagation of Culture

Main Published Papers

(1) Intercultural Communication and Intercultural Nonverbal Communication

(2) Speech Matching

(3) On Contrast and Translation of the Chinese and British Cultural Elements

(4) On American “Individualism”

(5) Generation Application and Innovation of Fuzzy Language

(6) On the Protagonists’ Resolution inDesire under the Elms and Mourning Becomes Electra

(7) Courses Conformity Based on the Computer Technology and Quality Improvement of College English Teachers

(8) Teachers’ Behavior in the Computer Environment

Selected Awards and Honors

(1) Tianjin Award for “Outstanding Model”

(2) Winner of “Tianjin Language Teaching Skills”

(3) Tianjin University First Prize for “Outstanding Achievement in Teaching and Research”

(4) Tianjin University Second Prize for “Outstanding Achievement in Survey and Study” in 2004

(5) Tianjin University Award for “Advanced Teacher”