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Chengang Lv

Chengang Lv




Title:Associate Professor


Research Interests:

(1) Internet of Things, Wireless sensor network, Optical sensors

(2) Machine Vision, Image Processing

(3) Machine learning, pattern recognition, deep learning


2004 -2007, Tianjin University,School of Precision Instrument and Opto-Electronics engineering, Ph.D

2001 -2004, Tianjin University,School of Precision Instrument and Opto-Electronics engineering, Master degree

1997 -2001, Tianjin University,School of Precision Instrument and Opto-Electronics engineering, Bachelor degree


IEEE, member

Journal Reviewer

MDPI Sensors

ASP Sensor letters


2011 –present, Tianjin University,SEIE,Associated Professor

2012-2013,Poly U,DEIE,Visiting Professor

2007-2011,Tianjin University,SEIE,Lecturer

Current Projects and Recently Finished Projects Involved:

(1) "Design of Smart Factory for SHANHAIGUAN ”PI, ¥1,200,000, Tianjin Bohai light Industry investment group Co.,LTD,2016-2018.

(2)“A Novel optical fiber nano-sensor research and design”PI,¥280,000, National Natural Science Foundation of China, 1st Jan 2013- 31th Dec 2015.

(3)“Smart Sensors and Applications” PI, ¥100,000, Tianjin University Funds, 2013-2015.

(4)“Optical sensors for Ocean acoustic measurement ” PI, ¥100,000, Tianjin University Funds, 2013-2014.

(5)“Research on High-speed flexible thin-film electronics devices, to be affiliated with the research on original new informational device of significant application prospect” PI, ¥50,000, Tianjin University Funds, 2014-2015.

(6)“Sensor networks in Municipal infrastructure construction” PI, ¥200,000,Natural Science Foundation of Tianjin, Jan 2009-Dec 2012

Journal Publications:

(1) Chengang Lyu,Ying Liu, and Chuang Wu. “Wide bandwidth dual-frequency ultrasound measurements based on fiber laser sensing technology”, Applied Optics, 2016,55(19):5057-5062.

(2) Chengang Lyu, Xi Guo, Jingyi Gao. “Design evaluation of DBR fiber laser sensor for directional lateral force monitoring.” IEEE Photonics Technology Letters, 27(14),2015, 1515-1518.

(3) Lyu, Chengang, Chuang Wu, Chao Lu, Hwa-Yaw Tam,Jianguo Ma, “Polarimetric heterodyning fiber laser sensor for directional acoustic signal measurement”. Optics Express, 2013. 21(15): p. 18273-18280.

(4) Lyu Chengang, Zou Qiang, “A Novel Multi-Peak Fluorescent Nanocrystals Film Sensors ”, ASP Sensor Letters,2012,10(1), 52-54

(5) Lyu Chengang , Qiang Zou, Ruifeng Zhang, Jianguo Ma, “Tunable visible emission of novel zinc oxide nanocrystals”, IEEE PTL, 23(9),2011,561-563.

(6) Chang Ren, Chia-Ming Yang, Chengang Lyu, et al.,“Nitrogen ratio and RTA optimization on sputtered TiN/SiO2/Si electrolyte-insulator-semiconductor structure for pH sensing characteristics”,Vacuum,2015.


(1) “Elite Scholar Program”, Tianjin University, 2013

(2) “Top ten outstanding Young”, Tianjin University, 2011

(3) “Science and technology innovation award”, Tianjin Science and Technology Commission,2011