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Gang Liu

Gang Liu




Title:Associate Professor



The Leading Researcher of Building

Educational Background

Building technology science doctor of Tianjin University

Structural engineering master of Tianjin University

Architectural engineering bachelor of Zhengzhou University

Work Experience

Tianjin University

Major Academic Achievements, Awards and Honors:

Selected Publications (2011-2013)

(1) Yanbin Zhuo, Gang Liu. Indoor Thermal Comfort and Heating Temperature Set point Threshold Research for Office Building in Tianjin China ,Conference Proceeding of Indoor Air 2014, HongKong

(2) Dan Hou, Gang Liu. Evolutionary Algorithm Based Approach of Fenestration to Optimize Energy and Daylight Performance for Large-scale Space ,ASim2014 ,Japan

(3) Dan Hou, Gang Liu. Acoustics testing and simulation analysis of waiting hall in the line-side high-speed railway station, The 167th meeting of the acoustical society of America, America

(4) Yi Xu, Gang Liu. Acoustics by ODEON in the Acoustic Design of Assembly Hall , ASim2014 , Japan

(5) Gang Liu, Rui Dang. Research on the software system of measurement on urban residential areas night light. MACE2011;2011.7;

(6) Gang Liu, Rui Dang. Evaluation system of aesthetics on nightscape lighting of classical Chinese garden, ICETCE2011;2011.8;

(7) Rui Dang, Jian Ma, Gang Liu. Digital Research on Standard of Color about Colored Drawing of Summer Palace, ICMACE,2010

(8) Rui Dang, Gang Liu. Research on the Hardware System of Measurement on Urban Residential Areas Night Light. MACE, 2011

(9) Yuan Li, Fengna Ge, Gang Liu. Behavioral Effects of Colorful Lights with Different Spectra on Siberian Rubythroat Luscinia calliope, Transactions of Tianjin University, 2013(06)

Patent for Invention:

(1) Jian Ma, Rui Dang, Gang Liu, Residence Zone Nocturnal Light Environment Detection System Based on Remote Control Vehicle-borne Platform, 2011

(2) Gang Liu, Rui Dang, Lixiong Wang, Residence Zone Nocturnal Light Environment Detection Software Based on Remote Control Vehicle-borne Platform, 2012

(3) Gang Liu, Rui Dang, etc. Multiparameter Monitoring Method for Building Physical Environment, 2014

(4) Rui Dang, Gang Liu, etc. Multiparameter Monitoring Method for Building Physical Environment, 2014

Honors and Awards:

(1) Executive chairman of the 285th Young Scientist Forum in 2014

(2) Design of Tianjin Concert Hall won the third prize of 2011 National Excellent Exploration Design

(3) Design of Polytechnic University Students Activity Center won the second prize of 2013 Excellent Prospective Design awarded by the Ministry of Education

(4) Restoration Design of Guangdong Guildhall in Tianjin won the first prize of 2012 Tianjin Haihe Cup

(5) Color Painting Information Digital Protection and Application System for Royal Ancient Buildings in Qing Dynasty won the third prize of 2008 Tianjin Municipal Technological Progress

(6) Nightscape Lighting Technology Research and Demonstration of Classical Gardens in the Summer Palace won the third prize of 2009 Tianjin Municipal Science and Technology Progress

Academic Part-time Posts:

Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of the People’s Republic of China (MOHURD) GBDL evaluation expert

China Illuminating Engineering Society expert member

Acoustical Society of America (ASA) member

Journal of Architecture reviewer

China Illuminating Engineering Journal reviewer

China Entertainment Technology Association expert member

Acoustical Society of Tianjin vice chairman and secretary general