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Jiachen Yang

Jiachen Yang



Tianjin International Engineering Institute




School of Electrical and Information Engineering




520 Room, Building 26



Dr. Jiachen Yang (Senior Member, IEEE) received the M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Communication and Information Engineering from Tianjin University, China, in 2005 and 2009, respectively. He is currently an Endowed Professor with the School of Electrical and Information Engineering at Tianjin University, China. He was a visiting scholar with the Department of Computer Science, Loughborough University, UK, and Embry-red Aeronautical University, USA. His research interests include information processing, internet of things, cloud/edge computing, big data, pattern recognition and image quality assessment. He served as Guest Editor for many reputed journals, such as IEEE TII, JBHI, JSTARS, IS, and Digital Communications and Networks. He is also an Associate Editor for many international journals, such as Alexandria Engineering Journal, Journal of Ambient Intelligence and Humanized Computing, IEEE Access, Sensors, etc.


PhD (Information and Communication Engineering), Tianjin University, 2009

MS (Information and Communication Engineering), Tianjin University, 2005

BS (Information and Communication Engineering), Tianjin University, 2002

Research Interests

Artificial Intelligence

Deep Learning

Reinforcement Learning

Marine Internet of Things

Information Processing

Cybersecurity & Privacy

Selected Publications

(1) Jiachen Yang, Yanshuang Zhou, Yang Zhao, et al. MetaMP: Meta-Learning Based Multi-Patch Image Aesthetics Assessment. IEEE Transactions on Cybernetics. 2022.

(2) Yang Li, Jiachen Yang, Zhuo Zhang, et al. Healthcare Data Quality Assessment for Cybersecurity Intelligence. IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics. 2022.

(3) Meng Xi, Jiachen Yang, Jiabao Wen, et al. Comprehensive ocean information enabled AUV path planning via reinforcement learning. IEEE Internet of Things Journal. 2022.

(4) Jiachen Yang, Jingfei Ni, Meng Xi, et al. Intelligent Path Planning of Underwater Robot Based on Reinforcement Learning. IEEE Transactions on Automation Science and Engineering. 2022.

(5) Jiachen Yang, Tianlin Liu, Bin Jiang, et al. Panoramic Video Quality Assessment Based on Non-local Spherical CNN. IEEE Transactions on Multimedia. 2021,23: 797-809

(6) Jiachen Yang, Aiyun Li, Shuai Xiao, et al. MTD-Net: Learning to Detect Deepfakes Images by Multi-scale Texture Difference. IEEE Transactions on Information Forensics and Security. 2021, 16: 4234-4245.

(7) Jiachen Yang, Shuai Xiao, Aiyun Li, et al. MSTA-Net: Forgery Detection by Generating Manipulation Trace Based on Multi-scale Self-texture Attention. IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems for Video Technology. 2021.

(8) Jiachen Yang, Zilin Bian, Bin Jiang, et al. No-reference Quality Assessment for Screen Content Images Using Visual Edge Model and AdaBoosting Neural Network. IEEE Transactions on Image Processing. 2021, 30: 6801-6814.

(9) Jiabao Wen, Jiachen Yang, Bin Jiang, et al. Big Data Driven Marine Environment Information Forecasting: A Time Series Prediction Network. IEEE Transactions on Fuzzy Systems. 2021, 29(1): 4-18.

(10) Jiachen Yang, Meng Xi, Bin Jiang, et al. FADN: Fully Connected Attitude Detection Network Based on Industrial Video. IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics. 2021, 17(3): 2011-2020.


Selected Awards and Honors

(1) Tianjin Science and Technology Progress First Prize, ranked first, 2021

(2) National Science and Technology Innovation Leaders, 2021

(3) Tianjin Young and Middle-aged Leading Talents in Science and Technology Innovation, 2019

Teaching Experience

(1) Frontiers and Industry Standards of Wireless Communication Engineering (Postgraduates)

(2) High Frequency Electronic Circuit (Undergraduates)