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Juanli Guo

Name:  Juanli Guo

Professional Title: Associate Professor , Master Tutor

Position: Teaching and Research

Work Unit: School of Architecture, Tianjin University

Major: Architectural science and technology

E-mail: guojianli@tju.edu.cn


2018~2019         University of Minnestota, Visiting Scholar, America

2010~2014         Department of Architecture, Tianjin University, Ph. D

2008~2010         Department of Architecture, Tianjin University, M. Arch

2002~2007         Department of Architecture, Hebei University of Engineering, B. Arch


2019~present       Associate Professor, School of Architecture, Tianjin University

2014~2019         Lecturer, School of Architecture, Tianjin University

Undergraduate Teaching

Basis of Architecture Design, Graduation Project, Innovative plans

Research direction

Design and Technology of Prefabricated Building, 

Integration design of modular building technology

Performance Analysis in Green Building


11/2019-12/2022     Chief Researcher | Project: Key Techniques on Enclosure Systems of Village Prefabricated Houses and Passive Houses, Classification of Project, Program Permission Number: 2019YFD1101004.

01/2018-12/2020     Chief Researcher | Project: Integrated Design of Energy       Consumption Mechanism and Technology on Building Envelope Components of Ultra-Low Energy Consumption Prefabricated   Buildings, National Natural Science Fund, Program Permission

Number: 5170080831.

04/2018-03/2021     Chief Researcher | Project: Research on the Digital Design of

Prefabricated Concrete House in Cold District Based on Energy Consumption Cost, Tianjin Natural Science Fund, Program Permission Number: 18JCQNJC08200.

07/2018-12/2020    Chief Researcher | Project: Research on Performance Design and Technical Support System of the Enclosure Structure of Prefabricated Buildings in Cold Region, Research and Development Project of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, Program Permission Number: K92018178.

07/2018-12/2020    Chief Researcher | Project: Research on Thermal Performance and Structural Nodes of Prefabricated Grass Bricks in Western Region, Open Fund of State Key Laboratory of Western Green Building, Program Permission Number: LSKF201904.

07/2016-12/2020    Participant | Project: Study on the Influence Mechanism of Mass Building Design and Green Performance Based on Northern Climate, Classification of Project, Program Permission Number: 5170080831.

01/2019-12/2022    Participant | Project: Research on the Design of Prefabricated Ecological Farm House Based on the Modular Analysis of Traditional Dwelling Houses, National Natural Science Fund, Program Permission Number: 51878435.

01/2019-12/2021     Participant | Project: Sensitivity Prediction Model for Green Renovation of Existing Offices Based on Performance Simulation   and Optimization Algorithm- Taking Chill Regions for Example, National Natural Science Fund, Program Permission Number: 51808383.

01/2016-12/2019     Participant | Project: Principle and Method of Medium and High Density Green Residential Area Planning Based on Physical Environment Simulation, National Natural Science Fund, Program Permission Number: 5157082194.

01/2017-12/2020     Participant | Project: Study on the Influence Mechanism of Urban Lighting on the Resident Rhythm and Magnetic Orientation of Migratory Birds, National Natural Science Fund, Program Permission Number: 5167081657.




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Architectural Design Information SetSolar Building Section2017.06



Phase change material unit for heat storage 201720064728X

Building skin for active lighting and ventilation skin201920035230X

Phase change material module for heat storage2017200651001

Awards: Student Works

2021         Active House Award, Second Prize

2020         PKPM "Gou Li Cup" Domestic BIM College Students Competition, First Prize

2018         ‘Internet+’ College Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship          Competition in Tianjin, Second Prize

2019         ‘Tangshan Kuowang Cup’ National Steel Structure Prefabricated      Building Design Innovation Competition, First Prize

2017         Longtu Cup’ National BIM Competition, First Prize in Institution Section.

2017         Science and Technology Award of Tianjin Territorial Resources and Housing Administration, Third Prize.

2018         Zero Carbon CupCompetition of Building Beautiful Rural Ecological Houses, Third Prize.

2019         Taida Cup’ International Solar Architecture Design Competition, Excellent


Awards: Education

Peiyang Scholar- Young Backbone Teachers of Tianjin University.

Awards: Practice

2017         Science and Technology Award of Tianjin Territorial Resources and Housing Administration, Third Prize.

2018         ‘Haihe Cup of Tianjin Excellent Survey and Design, Second Prize.