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Junfeng Jiang

Junfeng Jiang



Tianjin International Engineering Institute




School of Precision Instrument and Opto-electronics Engineering




408 Room, Tower C, Building 26



Dr. Jiang Junfeng, received his Ph.D. in Optics Engineering, from Tianjin University. He is currently a Professor of School of Precision Instrument and Opto-electronics Engineering at Tianjin University.

He have published more than 300 refereed journal and conference papers. Dr. Jiang has been awarded 120 Chinese patents and 8 United States patents.



Ph D (Optics Engineering), Tianjin University, 2004

MS (Dynamical Mechanics & Engineering), Tianjin University, 2001

BS (Automobile & Tractor), Southwest Institute of Technology, 1998

Research Interests

(1) Fiber Bragg grating and its application in sensing

(2) Optical fiber microcavity and its application in sensing

(3) Coherent Raman Anti-Stokes Scattering Microscopy

(4) Optical fiber distributed acoustic sensing


Selected Publications

(1) T. Wang, J. Jiang*, K. Liu, S. Wang, P. Niu, Y. Liu, T. Liu, Flexible minimally invasive coherent anti-Stokes Raman spectroscopy (CARS) measurement method with tapered optical fiber probe for single-cell application,PhotoniX2022,3:11

(2) P. Niu, J. Jiang*, K. Liu, S. Wang, J. Jing, T. Xu, T. Wang, Y. Liu, T. Liu, Fiber-integrated WGM optofluidic chip enhanced by microwave photonic analyzer for cardiac biomarker detection with ultra-high resolution,Biosensors & Bioelectronics2022,208:114238

(3) P. Niu, J. Jiang*, K. Liu, S. Wang, T. Wang, Y. Liu, X. Zhang, Z. Ding, T. Liu, High-sensitive and disposable myocardial infarction biomarker immunosensor with optofluidic microtubule lasing,Nanophotonics2022,11(14):3351-3364

(4) X. Zhang, H. Sun, J. Jiang*, K. Liu, Z. Li, J. Jin, W. Bo, Y. Yu, T. Liu*, Optical time-series signals classification based on data augmentation for small sample,Science China-Information Sciences2022,65(12):229303

(5) Z. Wang, Y. Liu, H. Wang, S. Wang, K. Liu, T. Xu*, J. Jiang*, Y. Chen, T. Liu, Ultra-sensitive DNAzyme-based optofluidic biosensor with liquid crystal-Au nanoparticle hybrid amplification for molecular detection,Sensors and Actuators B-Chemical2022,359:131608

(6) Z. Wang, Y. Liu, C. Gong, Z. Yuan, L. Shen, P. Chang, K. Liu, T. Xu*, J. Jiang*, Y. Chen, T. Liu, Liquid crystal-amplified optofluidic biosensor for ultra-highly sensitive and stable protein assay,Photonix2021,2:18

(7)X. Zhang, B. Yang, J. Jiang*, K. Liu, X. Fan, Z. Liu, M. Peng, G. Chen, T. Liu*, Side-polished SMS based RI sensor employing macro-bending perfluorinated POF,Opto-Electronic Advances 2021,4(10):200041)

(8)X. Wang, J. Jiang*, S. Wang*, K. Liu, T. Liu*, All-silicon dual-cavity fiber-optic pressure sensor with ultralow pressure-temperature cross-sensitivity and wide working temperature range, Photonics Research, 2021, 94:521-529

(9)G. Liang, J. Jiang*, K. Liu, S. Wang, T. Xu, W. Chen, Z. Ma, Z. Ding, X. Zhang, Y. Zhang, T. Liu, Phase demodulation method based on a dual-identical-chirped-pulse and weak fiber Bragg gratings for quasi-distributed acoustic sensingPhotonics Research20208(7):1093-1099


Selected Awards and Honors

(1) The Second Prize for China National Technology Invention Award in 2016

(2) The Second Prize for China National Teaching Award in 2018

(3) The Golden Award for China Patent in 2017



Teaching Experience

(1) Engineering Optics

(2) Optoelectronics Measurement Technology and Systems