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Kaihua Liu

Kaihua Liu







Dr. LIU Kaihua, received his Ph.D. in Signal and Information Processes, from Tianjin University. He is currently a Professor of The School of Electronic and Information Engineering at Tianjin University.

He and his group at Tianjin University have published more than 100 refereed journal and conference papers. Dr. LIU has been awarded 6 Chinese patents, with another 3 Chinese patents pending.


Ph D (Signal and Information Processes), Tianjin University, 1999

MS (Circuit and System), Tianjin University, 1991

BS (Semiconductor Physics and Device), Tianjin University, 1981

Research Interests

(1) The development of Digital Signal Processor (DSP)TMS320C80, and applying it to the Source Decoder of HDTV. In this project, we implement a Demultiplexer and a Video Display Buffer of HDTV by using C80. Meanwhile, we design a preparative Source Decoder of HDTV system with 6 chips of C80 too. Some new-types of device were used in this system, such as VRAM, DRAM, FIFO and EPLD.

(2) The study of implementing the H.324 Standard on one chip of TMS320C80. It includes the video encoder and decoder, image prize and display.

(3) Developing an Image Processing System Using TMS320C6201

(4) Design of a testing control system for automatic cigarette machine. The task involves to build the mathematical Model of testing and designing a testing and control system for automatic cigarette machine by using microcomputer.

(5) The development of Intelligent Fault Diagnosis System for the microcomputer detecting control device.

(6) Design and Implementation of the Embedded Automatic Environmental Monitoring System

(7) Implementation of Digital Receiver of Differential Frequency Hopping HF Radio based on Software Defined Radio

(8) The Research of Arithmetic d for Context Aware Service Location Orientation

Selected Publications (2011-2013)

(1) LV Xi-wu, LIU Kai-hua, et al., Efficient solution of additional base stations in time-of-arrival positioning systems, Electronics Letters, 2010, 46 (12), pp. 861-862(SCI:000279091800037)

(2) Yue Cui, Kaihua Liu, Junfeng Wang, Direction-of-arrival estimation for coherent GPS signals based on oblique projection, Signal Processing, vol. 92, no. 1, pp. 294-299. (SCI : 836RB, EI : 20113614301708)

(3) Z. Li, K. Liu, Y. Zhao, and Y. Ma, “MaPIT: an Enhanced Pending Interest Table for NDN with Mapping Bloom Filter”, IEEE Commun. Lett., vol.18, no.11, pp. 1915- 1918, 2014.

(4) D. Liu, K. Liu, Y. Ma, J. Yu, "Joint TOA and DOA Localization in Indoor Environment Using Virtual Stations," IEEE Commu. Lett., vol. 18, no. 8, pp. 1423-1426, 2014.

(5) Lingling Tan, Kaihua Liu, Yu Bai, Jianfu Teng, Construction of CDBA and CDTA Behavioral Models and the Applications in Current-Mode Symbolic Circuits Analysis, Analog Integrated Circuit and Signal Processing, 2013, 75(3): 517-523 (SCI: 138HN)

(6) Yong Pan, Kaihua Liu, “A novel printed microstrip antenna with frequency reconfigurable characteristics for Bluetooth/WLAN/WiMAX applications”, Microwave and Optical Technology Letters. 2013, 55(6) : 1341~1345.

Selected Awards and Honors

(1) The Prize for Advance on Science and Technology of Tianjin in 2011

(2) The Prize for Advance on Science and Technology of Tianjin in 2009

(3) The Prize for Advance on Science and Technology of Tianjin in 1994

(4) The Prize for Advance on Science and Technology of CHINA Tobacco Company in 2000

(5) The Prize for Advance on Science and Technology of CHINA Tobacco Company in 1994

Teaching Experience

(1) Electronic Circuit Analysis and Design

(2) The Application of Analog IC

(3) The Principle of Computer Detecting Control System