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Lixiong Wang

Lixiong Wang







1985, graduated from Tianjin University, Bachelor of Applied Physics;

1993, graduated from Tianjin University, Master of Architectural Technology Science

Research Interests

(1) Building energy efficiency and low-energy building

(2) Architectural light environment and urban lighting

Selected Publications

(1) Mingyu Zhang, Lixiong Wang, Xiaoming Su, Jiayin Song. “ Urban Core Traditional Chinese Ancient Architecture Night Illumination Suitability Evaluation Research [J]”,China Illuminating Engineering Journal, 2012,23 (5): 29-33

(2) Yannan Chen, Chang Liu, Lixiong Wang. “A Method of Obtaining Luminance Information Based on The High Dynamic Range Image[C]”. Japan, Tokyo :5th CJK Lighting Conference, 2012

(3) Mingyu Zhang, Lixiong Wang, Chang Liu, Yannan Chen. “Research on The Incremental Measurement Point Selection of Illumination Threshold of Interchange Bridge [J].China Illuminating Engineering Journal, 2012, 23 (6): 43-46 + 58

(4) Lixiong Wang, Su Xiaoming, Rui Dang, Gang Liu. “Residential Area Light Environment Testing and Evaluation Research [J]”,Building Science, 2013, 29(8): 19-21+33

(5) Mingyu Zhang, Lixiong Wang, Xiaoming Su. “Experimental Research on The Night Performance of Chinese Ancient Architecture Color [J]”.China Illuminating Engineering Journal, 2013, 24 (2): 10-15

(6) Mingyu Zhang, Lixiong Wang, Xiaoming Su. “Research on Traditional Chinese Ancient Architecture Night Visual Performance Evaluation System [J]”.China Illuminating Engineering Journal, 2013, 24(4): 24-28

(7) Lixiong Wang, Mingyu Zhang,”Research on the Testing Methods of Relative Parameters of Overpass Lighting Safety by HDR Image[C]” .France, Paris:CIE Centenary – Towards a new century of Light,2013

(8) Juan Yu, Lixiong Wang, Mingyu Zhang. “Preliminary Investigation and Analysis of Residential Building Light Intrusion Phenomenon - A Case Study of Tianjin Residential Area [J]”.China Illuminating Engineering Journal, 2014, (1): 54-58

(9) Lixiong Wang, Lan Wang, Haiyan Zhou, Gang Liu, Rui Dang. “Experimental Study on Heat Insulation Model of Tianjin Area in Sun Shading Summer [J]”.Architecture and Culture, 2014, (2): 10-12

(10) Qinbo Li, Lixiong Wang, Rui Dang, Gang Liu, Heng Liu. “The Energy Saving Design and Reconstruction Method of Train Station Waiting Room on Thermal Comfort Degree”.Building Energy Efficiency,2014, (3): 97-102

Monograph textbooks

(1) Lixiong Wang edited “Building Energy Efficiency”, Ministry of Construction general higher education civil engineering discipline 'Tenth Five' planning materials", 2004.5, China Architecture & Building Press Wang Lixiong edited “Building Energy Efficiency (second edition)”, “general higher education Eleventh Five national planning materials”, 2009.12, China Architecture & Building Press

(2) Lixiong Wang and Aiying Wang edited "Architectural mechanics and structure", China Architecture & Building Press, 2007.3

Selected Awards and Honors

(1) "Light visualization design and testing system" " (Natural Science Foundation of China), in 1999, awarded Tianjin science and technology progress second prize (ranked third).

(2) In 2006, the third morality advanced selection, awarded the title of Tianjin University advanced workers in management and education”.

(3) 2007.12, “Using image processing technology to test light environment testing system”, awarded China Illuminating Engineering Society China Lighting Award third prize (ranked second).

(4) Rated as 2007 Tianjin outstanding teachers.

(5) 2009.9, rated as Tianjin education system outstanding ideological and political workers.

(6) 2009.9, the subject guided by “ Research of Tianjin Solar Radiation Effect on Residential Building Energy Saving” was awarded second prize in the “Second National Students’ Energy Conservation Social Practice and Technology Contest" which hosted by Department of Higher Education, Ministry of Education and undertaken by Higher school energy and power discipline teaching and guidance committee, Ministry of Education. (Students: Meng Yuan, Wenbin Liu, Yi Tian Zhao)

(7) Awarded 2009 Baosteel Excellent Teacher Award.

(8) Awarded 2013 Huaxia Construction Science and technology award first prize. "Residential Areas and Indoor Light Environment Optimization and Protection Technology Research", of which Tianjin University was the second complete unit, I ranked fourth.

(9) Awarded 2013 Huaxia Construction Science and technology second prize. “Residential Energy-saving Technology Standard Research”, of which Tianjin University was the third complete unit, I ranked fourth.