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Li Zhu

Li Zhu




Title:Professor, Doctoral Supervisor



President of APEC Sustainable Energy Center,executive president of Tianjin Municipal Energy Research Center and Sustainable Energy Research Center of Tianjin University. Member of Studies Committee, World Energy Council. Evaluation Expert of Scientific Research Foundation for Returned Overseas Chinese Talents of Ministry of Education. Executive director and vice secretary of Tianjin Renewable Energy Society.

The research work has been granted 56 projects, and the applicant is in charge of 33 projects. Among the projects, there are 15 international projects, 17 state and municipal key projects, and 3 from enterprises over one million. The applicant has 113 publications (30 SCI/ISTP, 66 EI and 27 SCI/EI). Being the first author and corresponding author, the number of SCI/EI/ISTP papers is 40, among which 17 is SCI, 4 is in Zone I and 12 in Zone II, and the papers have been cited 108 times by other researchers. 15 Chinese innovation patents have been applied as well as 3 PCT innovation patents, among which 6 have been granted.


2001/09—2005/04 PhD in Chemical Process Equipment , Tianjin University, China.

1999/09—2001/04 M.S. in Chemical Engineering , Tianjin University, China.

1995/09—1999/07 B.S. in Chemical Engineering ,School of Chemistry and Chemical

Engineering, Central South University, China.

Research Interests

Low carbon building design and technology integration; Low carbon town energy design and key technology.

Selected Publications (2011-2013)

(1) Zhen Wang, Yiping Wang, Marta Vivar, Manolomfuentes Fuentes, *Li Zhu, Lianwei Qin, Photovoltaic and photocatalytic performance study of SolWat system for the degradation of three organic pollutants with different spectral absorptions: Methylene Blue (665nm), Acid Red 25 (505nm) and 4-Chlorophenol (225nm)’, Applied Energy,2014,V120,1-10.

(2) Yong Sun, Yiping Wang, *Li Zhu, Baoquan Yin,Haijin Xiang,Qunwu Huang, Direct liquid-immersion cooling of concentrator silicon solar cells in a linear concentrating photovoltaic receiver,Energy,2014,V25, 264-271.

(3) Xinyue Han, Yiping Wang, Li Zhu, The performance and long-term stability of silicon concentrator solar cells immersed in dielectric liquids, Energy Conversion and Management, 2013,V66, 189-198.

(4) Xinyue Han, Yiping Wang, Li Zhu, Improving Silicon Concentrator Solar Cells Performance by Dielectric Liquids Immersion, Applied Mechanics and Materials,2013,V291-294, 14-17

(5) Li Zhu, Yiping Wang , Xinyue Han ,Comparative analysis of electrical performance of various concentrator silicon solar cells, Taiyangneng Xuebao, 2013,34(2): 271-276.

(6) Baoquan Yin, Yiping Wang, *Li Zhu, Cooling, heating and power performance of silicon-based film PV radiant panel modules, Taiyangneng Xuebao, 2013,34(6):1028-1033.

(7) Baoquan Yin, Yiping Wang, *Li Zhu, Experimental study on indoor solar cooker integrated solar hot water system, Taiyangneng Xuebao,2013,34(6):1085-1089.

(9) Xinyue Han, Yiping Wang, *Li Zhu, Haijun Xiang, Effect of dielectric liquids immersion on electrical characteristics of silicon concentrator solar cell, Taiyangneng Xuebao, 2013,34(5):752-757.

(10) Haijun Xiang, Yiping Wang, *Li Zhu,Xinyue Han, Yong Sun, Zhengjian Zhao, 3D numerical simulation on heat transfer performance of acylindrical liquid immersion solar receiver, Energy Conversion and Management,2012, v64, 97-105.

(11) Xinyue Han, Yiping Wang, *Li Zhu, Haijun Xiang; Hui Zhang, Mechanism study of the electrical performance change of silicon concentrator solar cells immersed in de-ionized water. Energy Conversion and Management ,2012, 53(1): 1-10.

(12) Li Zhu, Yiping Wang, Zhiying Zhang, Yan Zhang, Zhenlei Fang, Feasibility study of decreasing parastic power consumption of CPV systems by using phase-change propelling force, Taiyangneng Xuebao, 2012,33(4):630-634 .

(13) Li Zhu, Robert Boehm, Yiping Wang, Christopher Halford, Yong Sun, Water Immersion Cooling of PV Cells in a High Concentration System, Solar Energy Materials & Solar Cells, 2011,95 (2): 538-545.

(14) Liping Liu, *Li Zhu, Yiping Wang, Qunwu Huang, Yong Sun, Zhaojiang Yin, Heat dissipation performance of silicon solar cells by direct dielectric liquid immersion under intensified illuminations, Solar Energy,2011,85 (5) :922–930.

(15) Xinyue Han, Yiping Wang, *Li Zhu, Electrical and thermal performance of silicon concentrator solar cells immersed in dielectric liquids, Applied Energy, 2011,88(12): 4481-4489.

(16) XinyueHan, YipingWang, *LiZhu, Reliability assessment of silicone coated silicon concentrator solar cells by accelerated aging tests for immersing in de-ionized water, SolarEnergy, 2011, 85(11): 2781-2788.

(17) Yiping Wang, Wenbo Li, *Li Zhu,Xinyue Han,Zhenlei Fang,Research progress of concentrator photovotaic cells and systems, Taiyangneng Xuebao/Acta Energiae Solaris Sinica, 32(3), 433-438.

(18) Zhiyong Yang, Yiping Wang, Li Zhu, Building space heating with a solar-assisted heat pump using roof-integrated solar collectors, Energies, 2011, 3(4): 504-516.

(19) Mao Yan, Li,Zhu Yiping Wang, Mingze Zhu, Heating and cooling performance of building integrated solar roof panels, Advanced Materials Research,2011,v1,168-170.

(20) Yong Sun, Li Zhu, Yiping Wang, Robert F Boehm, Aaron M Sahm and Zhengjian Zhao, Performance of Liquid-immersed Silicon Solar Cells under Highly Intensified Illumination. The international conference on concentrating photovoltaic systems CPV-7, 4-6 April, 2011, Las Vegas, USA.

Selected Awards and Honors

(1) New Century Excellent Talents in University of Ministry of Education of China,2011

(2) Young Researcher New Star Scientist Award, “2010 SCOPUS Young Researcher award Scheme” sponsored by the Youth Association of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Youth League Committee of Chinese Academy of Sciences, 2010

(3) Group Second Prize , “Schneider Electric Cup” Energy Efficiency Innovation Contest for College Students, 2010

(4) Second Prize, the Eighth Student Extracurricular Scientific Work Competition of the TianDY Challenge Cup, 2010