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Qiong Huang

Qiong Huang




Title:Associate Professor



Dr. Qiong Huang is an associate professor in School of Architecture, Tianjin University of China, teaching sustainable architecture design for undergraduate and graduate students.


1996—2001,Tianjin University, Bachelor of Architecture

2001—2007,Tianjin University, Doctor of Engineer

Teaching Experience

2007—2009,School of Architecture, Tianjin University, Assistant Professor

2009—2010,Ball State University, USA, Visiting Professor

2010— School of Architecture, Tianjin University, Associate Professor

Research Interests

Sustainable architecture design

Climatic adaptive architecture design

Selected Awards and Hornors

Young Researcher Awards, CIB, Boston, USA, 2011

Young Researcher Awards, CIB, Beijing, China, 2012

Selected Published Papers

1. HUANG Qiong, ZHANG Qi, DU Yiming, Putting the Recycling of Demolished Ceramic Facing Materials into Practices, New Architecture, accepted

2.Qiong Huang, Qi Zhang, Analysis on the open system of hospital buildings and its capacity, New Architecture, 2015/04:55-59

3. HUANG Qiong, Study on the Open System for Hospital Buildings and It’s Adaptable Strategies, Architecture & Culture, 2014/12:76-78

4. Hong Xu, Qiong Huang∗, Gang Liu, Qi Zhang, A quantitative study of the climate-responsive design strategies of ancient timber-frame halls in northern China based on field measurements, Energy and Buildings, 133 (2016): 306–320

Presentation experience

1. Two Experimental Projects with Recycling of Demolished Building Materials,PLEA 2016 Los Angeles - 36th International Conference on Passive and Low Energy Architecture. Cities, Buildings, People: Towards Regenerative Environments. LA, USA. 2016.7.11-13

2. Integration of Passive Design Strategies into A Secondary School Project in the Cold Climate Region of China. Architecture in (R)Evolution, 31st International PLEA Conference, Bologna, Italy, 2015.9. 9-11

3. Design-Research Process for the Primary System of Hospitals, Part 1: Structure Grid with High Capacity, Long Lasting Building in Urban Transformation, Proceedings on the 18th International conference on Open Building, Beijing, China, 2012.11.19-22

4. Comparison of Plumbing Solutions of Open Building Approaches with the Chinese Conventional Approach. Architecture in the Fourth Dimension / 17th International Conference on Open Building, Boston, US, 2011.11.15-17