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Rui Dang

Rui Dang







Rui Dang (1981 to ), male, Ph.D., School of architecture, Tianjin University, majoring in building science and technology, assistant director of Key Laboratory of Architectural Physics and Environment Technology, vice president of Lighting Branch of Tianjin University Research Institute of Architecture Design and Urban Planning, is now mainly engaged in teaching, scientific research and engineering design work in the direction of green building simulation and optimization analysis and building light environment.


Netherlands Leiden University. Visiting Scholar2014

British Cardiff University, School of Architecture. Advanced studies2011

Tianjin University, School of Architecture, Institute of Architectural Technology Science

Lecturer until now

Tianjin University, School of Architecture, Institute of Architectural Technology Science

Doctor of Building Technology 2010

Tianjin University, School of Architecture, Institute of Architectural Technology Science

Master of Building Technology 2008

Chengdu University of Technology , Information Engineering College

Bachelor of Electronic Information Engineering 2005

Research Interests

(1) Passive Energy-Saving of Large Public Building

(2) Museum Interior Lighting

(3) Urban Nightscape Lighting

Selected Publications

(1) Rui Dang, Jian Ma, Gang Liu. Digital Research on Standard of Color about Colored Drawing of Summer Palace. ICMACE, 1651-1654, 2010.6(EI 20103513200879)

(2) Rui Dang, Zhi Hui Wei. Survey and Research on Measurement of China Urban Residential Areas Lighting. ICETCE, 3580-3583,2011.4(EI 20112614104511)

(3) Rui Dang, Gang Liu. Research on the Hardware System of Measurement on Urban Residential Areas Night Light. MACE.5184-5187, 2011.7(EI 20114314454318)

(4) Rui Dang, Lixiong Wang, Gang Liu, Chen Luo. Research on The Effect of White Light LED on Chinese Traditional Painting Color. Journal of Civil, Architectrual & Environment Engineering,37(1):61-66,2015(CSCD)

(5) Rui Dang, Zhihui Wei. Measurement about Light Environment and Light Pollution of Night in Urban Community. China Illuminating Engineering Journal,26(3):43-46,2013(CSCD)

(6) Zhihui Wei, Rui Dang(Correspondent Author). Innovation Research on Basic Management Mode Based on The Community Factor Renewal. Fujian Tribune. (8):192-196, 2014 (CSSCI)

(7) Rui Dang, Gang Liu. Digitalized Protection and Application on Information of Garden Colored Drawing. Chinese Landscape Architecture, (6):111-115, 2013 (core)

(8) Rui Dang, Lixiong Wang, Gang Liu, Mingyu Zhang. Research on The Teaching Method of Green Building Simulation Technology Under Interdisciplinary Background. Journal of Architectural Education in Institutions of Higher Learning. 23(6):100-103, 2014 (core)

(9) Rui Dang, Mingyu Zhang, Gang Liu etc. Investigation and research on Display Lighting in Museum Based on Protected Historical relics. China Illuminating Engineering Journal, 24(3):18-23, 2013 (core)

(10) Rui Dang, Zhihui Wei, Mingyu Zhang. Investigation and Research on Light Environment in Exhibition Room of Art Gallery. China Illuminating Engineering Journal, 24(5):16-21, 2013 (core)

(11) Rui Dang, Gang Liu, Jian Ma. Research on the New Technology of Measurement about Urban Residential Areas Lighting. China Illuminating Engineering Journal, 22(2):16-20, 2011 (core)

(12) Chenyi Lin, Gang Liu, Hong Wei, Xiaoming Yu, Rui Dang(Correspondent Author). Research for Questions of Saving Lighting Energy in Large-scale Transportation Building. China Illuminating Engineering Journal, 26(1):45-49,2015 (core)

(13) Qinbo Li, Lixiong Wang, Rui Dang(Correspondent Author). Comfort-Based Energy Efficiency Reconstruction of Waiting-room of Railway Station. Building Energy Efficiency, 42/277:97-102, 2014.3 (core) (INSPEC 14755683)

(14) Rui Dang, Lan Wang, Lixiong Wang, Tingting Yu. Research on Disturbance of LED display of Large Urban Intersection Zone on Driver's Vision Based on Subjective Questionnaire,Advances in Intelligent Systems Research,(5)37-39, 2014(ISTP:000340818800010)

(15) Lixiong Wang, Qinbo Li, Yuan Lei, Rui Dang(Correspondent Author), Heng Liu, The Research of Road Lighting Design in Three-dimensional Transportation, Advances in Intelligent Systems Research,(57):48-55, 2014 (ISTP:000340818800013)

(16) Rui Dang, Lixiong Wang, Gang Liu. Research on The Key Issues of Cultural Relic Protection Lighting. China Illuminating Engineering Journal, 122-126, 2013.

(17) Kaiqing Zhao, Rui Dang(Correspondent Author). Research on the Measurement about Urban Residential Areas Lighting. Light & Lighting, (2):9-11, 2013.

Selected Awards and Honors

(1) Jian Ma etc. Digital Information Protection and Application System on The Decorative Color Painting on Royal Buildings of Qing Dynasty. Tianjin Science and Technology Progress Award 2008, Certificate Number:2008JB-3-065-D1, 2008.12.24.

(2) Jian Ma etc. Summer Palace classical garden landscape lighting technology research and demonstration. Tianjin Science and Technology Progress Award 2009, Certificate Number: 2009JB-3-073-D1, 2010.1.21.

(3) 2014 Peiyang Scholars·Young Backbone Teacher