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Rui Dang

Title: Professor, PhD Supervisor

Position:Assistant Dean

1. Research Areas:

(1) The impact mechanism and protection technology and application of cultural heritage.

(2) Light environment and intelligent lighting in public buildings.


2. Personal Profile:

National Youth Talent Plan (2021), Distinguished Youth Scholar Fund of Tianjin (2020) and PEIYANG Young Scholar of Tianjin University (2018), mainly engaged in teaching and scientific research on basic theories and technological innovation of architectural light environment.

Teaching achievements in the past five years: teaching three courses of Building Energy Efficiency, Building Physics and Green Building Environment and Technology for undergraduate students; teaching five courses of Green Lighting, Chromaticity, Building Energy Efficiency Analysis, Building Energy Conservation Design and Test Technology of Building Physics for graduate students. Compiled 1 national planning textbook; guided 5 graduate students with National Scholarships, 4 Outstanding Graduate Theses of Tianjin University, 1 first prize in the National Graduate Mathematical Contest in Modeling and 1 first prize in the National BIM Contest College Group.

The academic achievements in the past five years: presided over 6 national-level projects including National Key Research and Development Program [China] and National Natural Science Foundation of China, 5 ministerial-level projects including Natural Science Foundation of Tianjin; published 24 SCI papers as first or corresponding author, including 7 in SCI zone 1 and 11 in SCI zone 2; obtained 6 authorized invention patents as first inventor and completed patent transformation, the results of which have been applied in a number of national key engineering projects and achieved good implementation results; won the first prize of Science and Technology Award of China Illuminating Engineer Society and the second prize of Tianjin Science and Technology Progress Award as the first completer.


3. Contact: