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Shiyu Yin

Shiyu Yin







The Leading Researcher of Building Public Courses

Educational Background

2000—2003 Bachelor Tianjin Normal University China

major Linguistics

1996—2000 master Tianjin Normal University China

major English Education

Work Experience

2003—teacher- Tianjin University

Major Academic Achievements, Awards and Honors:


The goal of the experimental phonetics, Tianjin higher education 2015.1,etc.

Co-author of the textbooks Business English; Film appreciation

Being one of the writers in the book Knowing China by learning Chinese Culture

Research project

Has participated in one of the 973 Project, and numerous nation fund and local government funded key projects concerning the phonetics, education and prosody study.

Presided over one project Seed Foundation of Tianjin University (2010)

Academic Conference

The 1st International Conference on Prosodic Studies: Challenges and Prospects (ICPS-1) Tianjin 2015

International conference on tone intonation and SFPs, Tianjin, 2015

International conference on linguistics and sciences, Tianjin, 2014

The linguistic society annual meeting in Tianjin 2014, etc.