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Shufang Zhang

Shufang Zhang




Title:Ph.D., Associate Professor


Work experience

1. Worked as aLecturerin School of electronic and information engineering, Tianjin University, since July 2007 till June 2012.

2. Worked as anAssociate Professorin School of electronic and information engineering, Tianjin University, since July 2012 till now.

3. Teaching courses: Teaching Digital Image Processing, Digital System Design and Hardware Description Language, Introduction to Internet of Things, Visual Information Quality Assessment, and at the same time as an Infineon Microprocessor Training Center Lecturer.


1. 2005.1-2007.12: Development of AVS and the next generation of digital video protocol analysis equipment, Ministry of Information Industry Development Funds, completed, main participant.

2. 2007.1-2008.12: Research and Development of AVS video protocol analysis software, Academy of Broadcasting Planning, SAPPRFT, successful delivery on schedule, host.

3. 2008.1-2008.12: Software Development of AVS Conformance On-line Testing, China Electronics Standardization Institute, successful delivery on schedule, host.

4. 2009.1-2013.12: Digital TV Source Standard Conformance Testing and Analyzing System, The Special Project of Digital Television, National Development and Reform Commission, completed, main participant.

5. 2011.1-2012.12: Three-Dimensional Image Digital Reconstruction System for Combustion Flame of Engine Based on Synchronous Dual-channel High-speed Photography, State Key Laboratory Of Engines ( Tianjin University )-Open Topic, completed, host.

6. 2012.1-2014.12: Research on High-Efficiency Imaging Technology Based on Multi-Channel Image and Compression Sensing, National Natural Science Foundation of China (61101226), completed, host.

7. 2012.1-2014.12: Three-Dimensional Digital Reconstruction of GDI Gasoline Combustion Flame Based on Compressed Sensing, National Natural Science Foundation of China, completed, main participant.

8. 2012.7-2015.6: Research and Application of Machine Vision Algorithms, Company cooperation projects (Shandong Mingjia Packaging Testing Technology. Co., Ltd), successful delivery on schedule, main participant.

9. 2012.9-2013.3:Research and Implementation of Audio Video Coding and Decoding Algorithm, Beijing Boyahualu Audio-Visual Technology Research Institute .Co., Ltd, successful delivery on schedule, main participant.

10. 2014.3-2016.3: Advanced Audio and Video Coding and Decoding for Broadcasting and Television - Video Basic Stream Analyzer, Beijing Tidycast . Co., Ltd, successful delivery on schedule, host.

11. 2014.1-2017.12: Research on Human Tracking and Positioning Algorithm Based on Gait Motion Model, National Natural Science Foundation of China, be executing, main participants.

12. 2016.1-2019.12: UV-Visible Wavelength Continuous Tunable Nanosecond Laser Resonance Raman Spectrometer for Catalytic Reactions, National major scientific instruments research equipment development projects, be executing, Project leader in Tianjin University.

13. 2016.5-2017.5: Optimization and Realization of Codec Algorithm Based on ARM Hardware Platform, cooperation projects, be executing, host.

14. 2016.5-2019.5: Research on High Dynamic Video Display Technology, Tianjin Science and Technology Support Project, be executing, main participant.

Some Related Publications:

1. Shufang Zhang, Fuyao Wang, Cong Zhang. Flame slice algebraic reconstruction technique reconstruction algorithm based on radial total variation, Journal of Electronic Imaging, 2016, 25(5):037-053.

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10. ZHANG Shufang, LI hua. A new Approach to recovering depth from a defocused image, Journal of Optoelectronics Laser, 2006, 17(3): 364-367.


1. Tianjin Science and Technology Progress Award, the second-class reward, the fifth completing person (Personal Certificate No.2008JB-2-011-R5), 2008

2. The Outstanding Contribution Award of University-Industry Cooperation, the fifth completing person, 2008

3. Audio Video Coding Standard Workgroup of China (AVS) Annual Contribution Award, 2008 and 2015

4. Teaching Competition of electronic and information engineering School, Tianjin University, the second-class reward, 2012

5. Young Teachers Teaching Competition of Tianjin University, the second-class reward, 2016

6. Excellent Guidance Teacher of Graduation Design (Thesis) of Undergraduates, Tianjin University, 2016