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Ting Zhou

Ting Zhou







Dr. Ting Zhou, received her Ph.D. in structural engineering from Tianjin University. She is currently a lecturer of Department of architecture at Tianjin University.

She has published 12 papers as the first/second author and has been awarded 5 patents. She has achieved the funding of National Natural Science Foundation. In the past few years, she has participated in more than 15 research projects including research projects and real engineering projects.

Research Interests

Dr. Ting Zhou’s research effort is focused on both theoretical developments and practical applications. Particular areas include composite structures and living steel structures.

Selected Publications (2011-2013)

(1) Ting Zhou, Zhihua Chen and Hongbo Liu, Seismic Behavior of Special Shaped Column Composed of Concrete Filled Steel Tubes, Journal of constructional steel research,75,pp131-141,2012(SCI)

(2) Zhihua Chen, Ting Zhou, Hongbo Liu , Yonghao Chen, Xiaodun Wang,Experimental and Theoretical Study on Structural Behavior of Fabric Reinforced Concrete Sandwich Panels,Advanced Science Letters,4(3),pp663-668, 2011(SCI)

(3) Ting Zhou, Zhihua Chen, Hongbo Liu, Xiangyu Yan, Seismic Performance of SCFT Structure of Yingxiu Town Wenchuan, Journal of vibration and shock, 31(4), pp145-150, 2012 (in Chinese) (EI)

(4) Ting Zhou, Zhihua Chen, Finite Element Analysis of Seismic Behavior of SCFST Columns, Journal of Harbin Institute of Technology, 43(sup2), pp29-32,2011 (in Chinese) (EI)

(5) Zhihua Chen, Ting Zhou, Xiaodun Wang, Jikui Miao, Experimental study on static loading capacity of vertical-stiffener joint, Journal of Harbin Institute of Technology, 41(sup1),pp129-132,2010 (in Chinese) (EI)

BOOK: Zhihua Chen, Hongbo Liu, Ting Zhou, Xiushu Qu. Parametric analysis of space steel structure using APDL language in ANSYS software.China Water Power Press,2009.