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Weidong Chen

Weidong Chen







Dr. Chen Weidong, received his Ph.D. in Management Science and Engineering from Tianjin University. He is currently a Professor of Systems Engineering at Tianjin University.

Part-time Academic Job

[1]Executive Vice Secretary-General of the Technical Economics Research Association in Tianjin

[2] Visiting professor of Dongwu University(2010)

[3] Expert of National Natural Science Foundation of China、specially invited expert of Commerce Commission in Tianjin

[4]Reviewer of《Journal of Systems Engineering》、《Journal of Systems&Management》、《Journal of Management Science》、《Industrial Engineering》、《Journal of Management Case Studies》、《Journal of Small Business Management》

Representatives of academic papers

[1]Weidong Chen,Fangyong Wu,Wenxin Geng,Guanyi Yu. Carbon emissions in China’s industrial sectors[J].Resources,Conservation&Recycling[J].2017,117(2):264-273.

[2]Weidong Chen,Wenxin Geng.Fossil energy saving and CO 2 emissions reduction performance, and dynamic change in performance considering renewable energy input[J]. Energy.2017,120(2):283-292.

[3]Weidong Chen,Guanyi Yu,Wenjuan Zang.Study on Government Development and Investment Mode of the Aging Industrial in China[J].Chinese Public Administration.2016,10.

[4]Weidong Chen,Guanyi Yu,Xiaobo Wang.Characteristics of Precursor of Oil Price Fluctuations[J]. Systems Engineering.2016,2.

[5]Weidong Chen,Guanyi Yu,Qian Wang.The Analysis of E-government Evolution Mode and Smarter Government Structure[J]. Chinese Public Administration.2016,2.

[6]Weidong Chen,Pengfei Zhai, Heng Zhu, Yongbo Zhang.Hybrid algorithm for the two-dimensional rectangular layer-packing problem[J]. Journal of the Operational Research Society,2014,65(7):1068-1077.(The three district of SCI,SSCI,IF:0.953)

[7] Weidong Chen,Qing He.Intersectoral burden sharing of CO2 mitigation in China in 2020[J].Mitigation and Adaptation Strategies for Global Change,2014, (The four district of SCI IF:2.019)

[8]Weidong Chen, Xueying Hong.Design of effective subsidy policy to develop green buildings:from the perspective of policy benefit[J].Clean Technologies and Environmental Policy,2015,17(4):1029-1038.(The four district of SCI,IF:1.671)

[9]Weidong Chen,Hua Xu,Qi Guo.Dynamic Topological Properties of International Oil Price Complex Networks [J].Journal of Physics, 2010,59(07):4514-4523.(SCIFour districts,IF:1.027)

[10]Weidong Chen,Xuan Shi.The Influence of Interaction Coordination on the Formation of Safety Concept in Industrial Production System [J].System Engineering Theory and Practice,2011,31(06):1191-1200.(EI)

[11] Weidong Chen,Weiping Wei.Structural Equation Modeling of the Relationship between Entrepreneurial Spirit and Firm Performance [J].Journal of Systems Engineering.2011,25(4):171-176.(EI)

[12] Weidong Chen,Peiliang Gu. Discussion on the Complexity Characteristics and Control in Management System [J].Chinese Soft Science.2001,(12):107-11.

[13] Weidong Chen,Hongjie Zhu.China 's Energy Demand Forecasting Based on Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm [J].China Population Resources and Environment,2013,23(3):39-43.

[14] Weidong Chen,Peiliang Gu,Haibo Lu.Cointegration Analysis of Long - term Equilibrium and Short - term Fluctuation of China 's Energy Demand [J]. Journal of Tianjin University. 2006,39:268-273.

[15] Kun Yan,Weidong Chen.An Analysis of the Structure of Coordinated Development of Education, Science and Technology and Economic System in China [J].Science and Science and Technology Management.2004,(3):82-85.

Research projects

[1]2014.10-2017.12 National Social Science Fund Major Project “Research on Micro - net Stakeholders and Market Regulation”(2014B1-0130)(Preside);

[2]2012.10-2015.12 National Social Science Major Project:Research on the Influence and Development Strategy of Intelligent Power Grid on China's Energy Supply Mode and Energy Industry Structure(12&ZD208)Sub-topics(Preside);

[3]2010.01-2012.12 New Century Talent Support Program of the Ministry of Education:An Economic Analysis of Complex Network in Oil Price Market(NCET-09-0594 )(Preside);

[4] 2014.01-2016.12 National Natural Science Foundation of China:Research on Low - carbon Policy of Multi - choice Cooperative Game Based on Complex Network (71373173) (Preside);

[5]2010.01-2012.12:National Natural Science Foundation of ChinaResearch on Complex Network Generation Algorithm and Dynamic Stability of International Oil Price(70971093)(Preside);

[6] 2014.01-2015.12 Doctor of the Ministry of Education,“Research on Cooperative Game Mechanism of Low Carbon Network”(2014D0-0024)(Preside);

[7]2003.03-2004.10,National Postdoctoral Science Foundation funded projects(2003033353):A Study on the Critical Competitive Strategy of Enterprises in Uncertain Environment(Preside);

[8] 2002.01-2002.12,National Natural Science Foundation of China(70041043):Research on Energy Supply and Demand Structure in 21st Century and China

[9]2000.01-2003.12,National Natural Science Foundation of China(70071041):A Systematic Analysis and Systematic Management of Economic Development in West China(second);

[10]2009.09-2010.06 National Energy Bureau of the second Five - Year Plan preliminary research project:“Research on New Energy Infrastructure Construction and Supporting System in China”(second)

Business Cooperation Projects

[1]2003.01-2003.12 Operation management implementation plan of the Digital Yellow River from the Yellow River Management Committee(Preside)

[2]2003.11-2004.08 Construction of Modern Enterprise Management System of Hualin Group(Preside);

[3]2005.10-2006.06 "Eleventh Five - Year" development strategy and of Performance appraisal design of Bald charge company in Jinan Iron and Steel Group(Preside)

[4]2006.07-2006.09 Employee Satisfaction Survey of Xinzhi mine in Huozhou Coal Group(Preside)

[5]2007.01-2007.06,Process Optimization and Performance Management of Stone company in Shandong Highway Group(Preside)

[6]2007.07-2007.12,Performance Management Salary Design of Tianjin company in China construction eighth Engineering Company(Preside)

[7]2008.01-2009.12, “Study on Optimization Design of Large - width Steel Structure Discharge System”of China MCC20 (Preside)

[8]2009.01-2011.12,Application of CNOOC Asset Management Software in FPSO Assets Valuation(Preside)

[9]2012.01-2013.07 Optimization Design of Production Process of Henan Tianfeng Cold - bending Company(Preside)

[10]2013.01-2014.07 Weifang Keling Group Development Strategy Planning(Preside)

Patented Technology

[1] (Steel slag) Production of three in one cement and its processing technology (Patent Application No. 200510133761.Ⅹ);

[2] Dry powder mortar and its processing technology (Patent Application No. 200510133762.Ⅹ)。


[1]The Honorary title of advanced science and technology workers was awarded by science Society in 2014

[2],“Research on Wisdom Government Based on Wisdom Tianjin” won the second prize of thirteenth outstanding social science achievement in 2014(Ranked first)

[3] “Scientific research and industrialization of strategic cross Tianjin” Won the second prize of Tianjin 12th outstanding social science achievement in 2010(Ranked first)

[4]Evaluation of the effectiveness of the implementation of Open strategy in HenanWon the second prize of scientific and technological progress in Henan Province in 2008(Ranked third);

[5]“Tianjin industrial development resources and environmental conditions and Sustainable Development” Won the second prize of Tianjin Environmental Protection Science and Technology in 2012