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Wei Zhang

Wei Zhang




Title:Ph.D, microelectronics and solid state electronics



Professor, School of Microelectronics, Tianjin University

Research Interests

1 VLSI implementations for signal processing systems

2 RFIC Design

3 Image analysis and pattern recognition

Main Published Papers

[1] Yufeng Tong, Wei Zhang, Yung-Cheng Ma, Yanyan Liu, Yu Liang, Tai Zhang, Haowen Luo, Compiler-guided Parallelism Adaption based on Application Partition for Power-gated ILP Processor, IEEE transactions on VLSI systems, 2017, 25(4):1329-1341

[2] Yang Wang, Wei Zhang, Yanyan Liu, Lingyu Wang, Yu Liang, An improved concatenation scheme of Polar codes with Reed-Solomon codes, IEEE communications letters, 2017,21(3):468-471

[3] Zhibin. Liang, Wei. Zhang, “Efficient Berlekamp-Massey Algorithm and Architecture for Reed-Solomon Decoder,” Journal of signal processing systems, 2017, 86(1): 51-65

[4] Wenjie Ji, Wei Zhang, Xingru Peng, Yanyan Liu. High-efficient Reed-Solomon Decoder Design using Recursive Berlekamp-Massey Architecture. IET communications, 2016, 10(4): 381-386.

[5] Wanhang Gao, Wei Zhang, Yanyan Liu, A wide locking range and low power divide-by-2/3 LC injection-locked frequency divider, Journal of Circuits, Systems, and Computers, 2016, 25(2).

[6] Xingru Peng, Wei Zhang, Wenjie Ji, Yanyan Liu. Reduced-Complexity Multiplicity Assignment Algorithm and Architecture for Low-Complexity Chase Decoder of Reed-Solomon Codes, IEEE communication letters, 2015, 19(11): 1865 - 1868.

[7] Xuemei Li, Wei Zhang, Yanyan Liu, Efficient architecture for algebraic soft-decision decoding of Reed–Solomon codes, IET Communications, 2015, 9 (1): 10-16.

[8] Haoxuan Wang, Wei Zhang, Yanyan Liu, Liang Zhang, A low phase noise LC-VCO for phase-locked frequency synthesizers, Microwave and Optical Technology Letters, 2014, 56(11)

[9] Jian Zhang, Wei Zhang, Yanyan Liu, A fully integrated analog front-end circuit for 13.56 MHz passive RFID tags in conformance with ISO/IEC 18000-3 protocol, Microelectronics Journal, 2014, 45( 6): 578-588

[10] Wei Zhang, Hao Wang, Boyang Pan, Reduced-Complexity LCC Reed–Solomon Decoder Based on Unified Syndrome Computation, IEEE Transactions on Very Large Scale Integration (TVLSI) Systems, 2013, 21(5): 974-978

Selected Awards and Honors

Selected in Program for New Century Excellent Talents in Ministry of Education