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Wei Yang

Wei Yang






Educational Background

1992-1997:Tianjin University,Bachelor of Architecture.

1997-2000:Tianjin University, Master of Architecture;

2000-2006:Tianjin University, Doctor of Engineer;

2003-2005:IFIB, Karlsruhe University (KIT),supported by DAAD

Working Experience

2016-now: Professor, Associate Head of Department of Architecture

2009-2016:School of Architecture, Tianjin University. Associate Professor;

2009-2009:School of Architecture, Tianjin University. Lecturer;

2009:Visiting Researcher, Institute for Housing Economy and Ecology, Karlsruhe University (KIT);

2010:Visiting Researcher at IDB, ETH Zurich.

Undergraduate teaching

1. Architectural Design (3);

Thematic Design “Building in Life Cycle”;

Graduate Education

Seminar:Urban and Architectural Design in a resource conservation perspective;

Master Program: Sustainable architectural design and theory

Doctor Program: Building LCA &LCC (integrated with BIM), Sustainable evolution of the building stock

Research Topics

1. Building LCA & LCC;

2. Resource Conservation of the Built Environment;

3. Sustainable Urban and Building Design;

Research Projects

1. NSFC (China Natural Science Foundation Committee) Project 51478294. “Building Environmental and Economical Assessment and Design Optimization based on BIM, LCA and LCC Methodologies. 2015-2018. Project Leader

2. NSFC Project 51108303.“Study on energy saving and emission reduction strategies of urban housing stocks with dynamic LCA model”. 2012-2014. Project leader.

3. China-EU Project (funded by MOST). Key Technologies of Low Carbon City and Green Building Design. 2014-2017. Main Participant

3. NSFC Project 51178292. “Low Carbon Systemic Architectural Design with Simulation Techniques” . 2012-2015. Major participant.

4. Research Fund for the Doctoral Program of Higher Education,China Ministry of Education“Sustainable Development of the Chinese Building Stock”,2008-2010. Project leader, accomplished.

5. British FCO China SPF Prosperity Program “PLANNING FOR A SYSTEMIC TRANSITION TO LOW CARBON BUILT ENVIRONMENT IN CHINA”. 2011-2012. Sub project leader,in charge of the study on Tianjin city.

6. Demonstration Project of the German Sustainable Building Evaluation System(DGNB/BNB)in China “Shanghai Yixian Building”,external researcher invited by BMVBS, in charge of the LCA inventory.(May-Sep. 2010)

Selected Publications

[1] Yang W, Kohler N. Simulation of the evolution of the Chinese building and infrastructure stock[J]. Building Research and Information, 2008, 36(1): 1-19 (SCI/EI) Kohler N., Yang W. Long-term management of the building stock[J]. Building Research and Information, 2007, 35(4):1-13 (SCI/EI)

[2] Yang W, Kohler N, Yang XQ. Key Issues of the Sustainable Development of the Chinese Building Stock[J]. Building New Technology. 2008, 4(1): 68-75 (in Chinese)

[3] Yang W,Yang XQ. Systematic Analysis and Simulation of Building Stock [J]. Journal of Hebei University of Technology. 2009, 38(3):90-94 (in Chinese)

[4] Yang W,Zeng J,Guo FP. Sustainable Land-use Intensity of Urban Housing: Case Study in Tianjin [J]. Journal of Tianjin University(Social Science Serial).2009,11(3):247-252 (in Chinese)

[5] Yang W. Luetzkendorf T. Methods for the sustainability assessment of housing in China: the next generation [A]. The 6th International Conference on Green & Energy-Efficient Building[C]. Beijing:Urban Studies,2010. 144-153

[6] Yang W,Gong XL. Building in Life-cycle:Thematic Design of 3rd Year Architectural Education [A]. Proceeding of National Forum on Higher Education of Architecture [C]. Beijing:China Building Industry Press, 2011. 131-137

[7] Yang W. Theory and Method on Sustainability of Building Stock. Selected Papers of China Science Paper Online [J]. 2012,5 (2):103-109

[8] Yang W., Wang S.S. A BIM-LCA Framework and Case Study of A Residential Building in Tianjin [A]. The 3rd SREE Workshop on Applied Mechanics and Civil Engineering[C]. Hongkong, 2013

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[10] Yang Wei, Li Qi-yuan, Yu Han-ze, Zhang Yi-fan. BIM enabled Life cycle environmental analysis for a small scale zero energy house. World Sustainable Built Environment Conference 2017 Hong Kong. June, 2017

[11] Liu Lu, Yang Wei, Ma Ling-bo, Yu Han-ze. Analyzing the reference flows for energy efficient retrofit of typical apartment buildings in Tianjin, China. World Sustainable Built Environment Conference 2017 Hong Kong. June, 2017



1. Yang W. Modeling the Building Stock: Developing Strategies for Chinese Building Stock in the next 50 Years. Nanjing: Press of the Southeast University. 2010