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Xuewei Li

Xuewei Li




Title:Associate Professor



I joined Tianjin University after I received my Master degree from Tianjin University since March 2004.I am an associate professor and Master mentor in School of Computer Science and Technology at Tianjin University. My current research interests include computer vision, and digital image processing .Now, I am undertaking one research projects supported by the national science and technology, and participating one National Natural Science Foundation of China Program.


I received my PhD (Computer Application), MEng (Pattern Recognition and Intelligent System) degrees from Tianjin University respectively in 2009 and 2004, and BEng (Computer Science and Technology) degree in 2001 from Hebei University of Technology.

Research Interests

Computer Vision;

Digital Video and Image Processing;

Target detection and tracking;

Selected Publications (2011-2013)

(1) Xuewei Li and Xiaochun Cao, A Simple Framework for Face Photo-Sketch Synthesis, Mathematical Problems in Engineering, 2012.

(2) Xiaochun Cao, Zhiqiang Tao, Bao Zhang, Huazhu Fu, Xuewei Li, SALIENCY MAP FUSION BASED ON RANK-ONE CONSTRAINT, ICME, 2013,1-6.

(3) Chengju Zhou, Changqing Zhang, Xuewei Li, Gaotao Shi and Xiaochun Cao, VIDEO FACE CLUSTERING VIA CONSTRAINED SPARSE REPRESENTATION, ICME, 2014.