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Zhe Tian

Zhe Tian







Prof. Dr. ing. Zhe Tian was born in 1975. He received his doctor degree in Tianjin University in 2005. He was employed as professor in Tianjin University in 2013.


Ph. D, Tianjin University, 2005

Master, Tianjin University, 1999

Bachelor, Southwest Jiaotong University, 1996

Research Interests

Radiant cooling: Development of new type of chilled beam, dynamic performance study of concrete core cooling slab, etc.

Building energy Technology: Focus on operation optimization of building energy system, including load prediction, building energy system performance simulation, operation strategy optimization algorithms.

Building & Climate: Interested in the relationship between building and climate.

Selected Publications (2011-2013)

(1) Zheng G, Zhu N, Tian Z, Chen Y, Sun B. Application of a trapezoidal fuzzy AHP method for work safety evaluation and early warning rating of hot and humid environments. Safety Science. 2012;50: 228-39.

(2) XIN Ya-juan WZ-q, TIAN Zhe. Effect of thermal storage performance of concrete radiant cooling room on indoor temperature Journal of Central South University. 2012; 19:6.

(3) Tian Z, Yin X, Ding Y, Zhang C. Research on the actual cooling performance of ceiling radiant panel. Energy and buildings. 2012;47 :636-42.

(4) PengfeiJie, Zhe Tian, Shanshan Yuan, Neng Zhu. Modeling the dynamic characteristics of a district heating network. Energy. 2012;39:9.

(6) Yan D, Zhe T, Yong W, Neng Z. Achievements and suggestions of heat metering and energy efficiency retrofit for existing residential buildings in northern heating regions of China. Energy Policy. 2011;39:4675-82.

(7) Tian Z, Zhu N, Zheng G, Wei H. Experimental study on physiological and psychological effects of heat acclimatization in extreme hot environments. Build Environ. 2011; 46:2033-41.

(8) Liu K, Tian Z, Zhang C, Ding Y, Wang W. Establishment and validation of modified star-type RC-network model for concrete core cooling slab. Energy Buildings. 2011; 43:2378-84.

(9) Liang C, Zheng G, Zhu N, Tian Z, Lu S, Chen Y. A new environmental heat stress index for indoor hot and humid environments based on Cox regression. Build Environ. 2011; 46:2472-9.

(10) Tian Z, Ding Y, Wang S, Yin X, Wang M. Influence of the ventilation system on thermal comfort of the chilled panel system in heating mode. Energy Buildings. 2010; 42:2360-4.

(11) Ding Y, Tian Z, Zhu N. The retrofit of industrial air-conditioning system on energy efficiency and emission reduction. Energy and Buildings. 2010;42:955-8.

Selected Awards and Honors

Tianjin science and Technology Progress Third Award, 2013

Tianjin science and Technology Progress Second Award, 2005