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International Communication| TIEI Australia Queensland Language and Culture Project

TIEI Australia Queensland language and culture project is in the winter holiday. And it is about two weeks. During this time, students both can promote their English ability but also can experience the local culture and famous scenic spots. Let us see their life in Australia.

Interactive Class

The University of Queensland class is a small class of about 15 students, focusing on teacher-student interaction and answering questions one by one. Learning is more efficient and motivated.

Leisurely Afternoon

After the busy and actively learning morning, we can enjoy the leisure time of noon which always makes us full of interest and we can visit the exotic and beautiful city scenery.

Weekends Time

During our weekends,we go to the world famous Surface Paradise, which has bright sunshine, continuous white sand beach, blue sea, romantic palm forest. This experience make us unforgettable.

This study not only broaden our eyes, but also improved our study and language skills. It is very appreciated that TIEI offers us such good opportunity.