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TIEI Held Online Communication Meeting with Supervision

In order to ensure online courses quality, TIEI held an online communication meeting with the supervision group on the morning of February 15th. Shan Xiaolin,  Party Secretary of QHC, Guan Jing, Deputy Dean of TIEI, teachers from the supervision team and all administrative staff  attended the meeting.

First, Shan Xiaolin said that in the special time, it is important to promote innovative exploration of teaching methods and teaching models and is also a critical moment to test the online teaching quality and test study effects.

Then Guan Jing made suggestions on the work of supervision group : conduct overall quality control of online courses; timely upload the study materials to platform; do a good job in the management and supervision of teachers and students.

At last, the participants discussed the supervision group work during the epidemic period to ensure the online teaching smoothly.