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The First Week of Cloud Based Learning ——Teachers and Students of Qiushi Honors College Promote Various Education and Teaching Activities Online

Since the outbreak of the epidemic, Qiushi Honors College (hereinafter referred to as the QHC) has implemented the relevant requirements of the Ministry of Education and the spirit of the standing committee of Tianjin University, established a leading group for online teaching work, and coordinated the steady development of various education and teaching work lines.

Meetings and Steering Group Ensure the Semester Begins Smoothly

For the past week, Shan Xiaolin, the Party Secretary of the QHC, has convened a total of 6 online meetings for all students of all grades. He introduced the specific arrangements for online teaching, and reminded students to take care of themselves and formulate learning plans. Yu Qian and Guan Jing, deputy directors exchanged views with undergraduates and postgraduates on online teaching and other issues.

The leading group of online teaching work held an online exchange meeting with teachers and online teaching work meeting. All members of QHC joined the teaching steering group to assist teachers and students to solve the specific problems during online teaching. Counselors and students did online fitness with daily attendance, shared reading experiences, and relieved anxiety. The educational administrators assisted 278 students who could not choose their own courses manually.

Continuous Teaching Reform and Practice to Promote the Actual Effect of Online Teaching

QHC has steadily advanced in the teaching practice of the "Emerging Engineering Education" platform, discussed the enrollment plan for undergraduates in 2020, and organized relevant teachers to discuss in depth and confirm the integration plan. Although during the epidemic, relevant work on international exchanges continues to be carried out online. At the same time, post-graduate enrollment in 2020 has started online promotion and consulting.

Volunteer Service Against the Epidemic

Under the call of society and TJU, many student party members and outstanding Communist Youth League members of QHC have devoted themselves to voluntary epidemic prevention work, showing a sense of social responsibility. Student organizations have also contributed online to publicize the typical deeds of volunteer service to create a positive "epidemic prevention" atmosphere, which reflects the spirit of responsibility and the feelings for home and country as the students of TJU and QHC.