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Monthly Inventory of Cloud Class by TIEI“Class is suspended,but learning is ongoing.”

Since February 17th, "Cloud Class" has been running for more than a month. There are currently a total of 28 online courses for 228 students . At present, the online teaching runs smoothly and orderly.

Carefully prepared online courses can run steadily

Timely feedback on the effectiveness of online courses to ensure teaching quality

According to the feedback of the students' "Cloud Class" learning experience in the first four weeks, most students said that they have adapted to the novel learning method, not only are more familiar with the use of the teaching platform, but also can arrange the time reasonably.


A new form of network teaching-the teacher as the "anchor"

During the epidemic, the teaching form relying on the network platform brought new challenges to the already heavy teaching work. Teachers also used various good ways to ensure the teaching progress and quality .

  1. share teaching materials in advance as a preview

  2. test the teaching platform in advance

  3. focus on communication, frequent interaction, increase initiative in autonomous learning

  4. track students' learning effects and answer questions in timely


Novel, fulfilling and efficient

The students said that their learning has gradually become more convenient and fulfilling, which has increased their motivation for learning. Although the network signal is sometimes unstable, teachers also take emergency measures to ensure the effectiveness of the class. Online learning is also a test for students' autonomous learning. Setting a reasonable work schedule can help them complete online learning tasks more efficiently.   


The epidemic was both a challenge and an opportunity for the teaching work. The smooth operation of the "Cloud Class" injected new strength into teaching and learning.



By: LIU Yingtong

Translator :SHAO Chen