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TIEI and Tata Consultancy Services(China)Jointly Held the “Cloud” Leadership Lecture Successfully

On April 18th, TIEI invited Mr. Venkatesh Madurai RAM, HR head of Tata Consultancy ServicesChinato give a leadership lecture for all students of grade 2019. Meanwhile, Ms. ZHANG Hong, in charge of school-enterprise cooperation, Tata Consultancy Services (China), Associate professor YANG Wenming, teacher for the leadership course, and Ms. JIAO Xuan, Deputy Party Secretary of Qiushi Honors College attended the lecture which was hosted by Professor GUAN Jing, Vice-director of TIEI .

First of all, GUAN Jing thanked Mr. Ram for giving the leadership lecture. In May last year, TIEI officially signed a school-enterprise cooperation agreement with Tata Consultancy Services (China), a subsidiary of Tata Group, the largest multinational group in India. This also signifies that the two sides have fully integrated advantageous resources, deeply developed synergy and cultivated future-oriented talents among enterprises, universities, and research institutes.

Next, Mr. Ram briefly introduced the development overview of Tata Consultancy Services(China).He inspired students to believe that “characteristics that you feel makes someone a great leader” and analyzed the profound meaning of "Management" with vivid examples. Taking the various leader styles which have been encountered in work experience as an entry point, he explained to students the qualities and abilities required to become a good leader. He said that good leaders need to abide by ethics, be charismatic, be a good listener, be concerned with others, and be good at sharing. Our greatest successes in life are often found in helping others succeed.

Afterwards, based on the content of the leadership lecture and the theoretical knowledge, students carefully considered and actively interacted with Mr.Ram around the essence of leadership and how to cultivate management skills.

At the moment, the world is undergoing profound changes unseen in a century. The interconnected and cross-sector integration of various fields has promoted profound changes in the economic development model. The society's demand for talent puts more emphasis on the improvement of comprehensive capabilities based on innovation. In the future, TIEI and Tata Consultancy Services(China) will work together to deepen exchanges and cooperation, and jointly cultivate innovative engineering leaders.