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Glad Tidings | Paper by TIEI Student ZHANG Fuxiang Accepted by IJCAI-PRICAI 2020

Recently, a paper written by ZHANG Fuxiang from TIEI, was accepted by the IJCAI-PRICAI 2020. The first author ZHANG is a postgraduate student majoring in Computer Science of TIEI. International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI) is listed as a Class A conference by the China Computer Federation (“CCF”)which is the earliest flagship conference founded in the field of artificial intelligence. This year, IJCAI will be held in Japan together with the 17th Pacific Rim International Conference on Artificial Intelligence (PRICAI). The total number of paper submissions this time reached 4,717 and 592 papers were accepted. The acceptance rate is about 12.6%.

TitleTransRHS: A Representation Learning Method for Knowledge Graphs with Relation Hierarchical Structure  

AuthorZHANG FuxiangWANG XinLI ZhaoLI Jianxin

Abstract: Relation Hierarchical Structure (RHS), which is constructed by a generalization relationship named subRelationOf between relations, can improve the overall performance of knowledge representation learning. In this paper, a novel method named TransRHS is proposed and can incorporate RHS seamlessly into the embeddings. More specifically, TransRHS encodes each relation as a vector together with a relation-specific sphere in the same space and employs the relative positions among the vectors and spheres to model the subRelationOf. The experimental results show that TransRHS can effectively and efficiently fuse RHS into knowledge graph embeddings.

Tutor Guidance

ZHANGs achievements are inseparable from the teaching of his tutor professor WANG Xin. Professor Wang is rigorous in his studies and conscientious in his work. The training of his research group focuses on teaching students according to their aptitude, and develops a training plan based on the characteristics of each student.It is understood that the majority of the students in the research group have achieved the scientific research results obtained in the first grade of postgraduate students, which has met the graduation requirements for postgraduate students.

Experience Summary

1. High-intensity courses, laying a solid foundation. Zhang has completed a total of 49 courses and 122 credits with excellent results. He won the first prize of Tianjin University Academic Scholarship for two consecutive years.

2. Expanding international horizons. Under the impetus of TIEI, Zhang went to  Polytech Nice-Sofia for exchange study.

3. Enhancing ability. As a foreign teacher assistant, Zhang was responsible for assisting French teacher Marc GAETANO in handling related matters and building a communication bridge between teachers and students.

 Translator :SHAO Chen