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Enrollment Work | TIEI Successfully Completed the Postgraduate Enrollment Work in 2020


(Correspondent SHI Yang) Influenced by the COVID-19 epidemic, Tianjin University's Postgraduate Entrance Examination's Retrial was first launched in a remote mode. In order to ensure the fairness, scientificalness and stability, the preparatory work for the second round examination of enrollment has started in March 2020 and officially operated from May 11 to May 26. A total of 13 sessions of examinations have been organized. 59 teachers have been involved in this work. Under guidance of TJU and TIEI enrollment leading group, TIEI has made overall planning, implemented precise policies, cooperated with various parties, and strictly managed to successfully complete the postgraduate enrollment. 

Shan Xiaolin, Secretary of the Party committee of TIEI , Guan Jing, vice director of TIEI, has convened the leaders of five specialties, held the leading group meeting for many times, formulated the remote assessment plan, defined the division of labor, and coordinated with all efforts by establishing  the technical support group, interview expert group, secretary record group and logistics service group. Each group has equipped with a full-time interview secretary who was responsible for examinee qualification examination, identity verification, environment verification and network test. The interview record was responsible for video and text recording, TIEI strictly standardized various processes, strengthened the sense of responsibility, and ensured the smooth progress of this work.

Thanks to the strong support and scientific guidance of the graduate school, as well as the organization of multiple Q & A meetings, cooperation with Zoom and technical companies to provide professional guidance and technical support. The information network center has also opened a "green network channel" for each college with dedicated lines to fully guarantee the stability and smoothness of enrollment work.

Translator: SHAO Chen