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TIEI Held the Degree Awarding Ceremony for the 2020 Graduates Successfully

On July 1, 2020, Tianjin International Engineering Institute (TIEI) of Tianjin University held degree awarding ceremony for the 2020 graduates successfully. Influenced by the COVID-19, the ceremony were also shown online, through which we can invite graduates, parents and teachers who were unable to attend on site, and also can assure all graduates to participate in this important ceremony. Shan Xiaolin, the Secretary of the Party Committee, Yuan Xubo, the Director of TIEI and all the teachers attended the ceremony.

First, Shan Xiaolin gave a speech. He made congratulations to the graduates who completed their studies successfully, then he put forward three hopes: “One is to have the world in mind, care for the homeland, and make great contributions to the development of our country. The second is to show the responsibility of the youth in the new era and work hard. The third is to own the spirit of innovation and cooperation, which will make you shine in the future jobs. ”

In the degree awarding section, Guan Jing read the “Tianjin University Degree Appraisal Committee Resolution on Awarding  Master Degree” and the “French Commission des Titres d’Ingénieur CTI Resolution on Awarding Engineer Diploma”.

Time flies so fast. Although graduation is the end of school life, it is also a new beginning of life. We hope you are still the young men with the vigorous spirit. Remember to come back any time, because here is your home forever!

The student representatives expressed their gratitude to the hard work of the teachers and their longing for the future life. They wish the college will be better and better!

Translator:ZHANG Xiaojuan

By:LIU Yingtong  ZHANGPingting