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Welcome to Tianjin International Engineering Institute!

At TIEI, engineering is our DNA and we want you to become the most talented engineers!


 Here, you will come into close contact with emerging and innovative industries that have developed integrated concepts in field of computer science, electronics and green building. These industries are fully supporting the Made in China 2025 and Emerging Engineering Education.

Here, you will enjoy international high-level teaching resources and first-class platforms for learning exchange, and experience an effective international learning environment.

Here, you will benefit from the innovative teaching mode, a mode that encourages interdisciplinary studies and intensifies Industry-Academia-Research collaboration.

Here, you will start your unique and memorable graduate school experience.

Here is Tianjin International Engineering Institute!

Established in May 2014, Tianjin International Engineering Institute (TIEI) combines the French engineer-training mode with the Chinese training system and inseminates the new notion for engineering education in the entire process of graduate training. Committed to building an open, international and innovative first-class engineering academy, TIEI cultivates outstanding engineering leaders with sustainable international competitiveness, innovation, practicality and leadership who meet China’s development needs and promote the progress of world engineering technology.

TIEI is the first institute in China to pass and to obtain the accreditation from the French Engineering Accreditation Board (CTI) with a new concept that is a major innovation after the previous Sino-French cooperative model.(In 2017, TIEI passed and obtained both the maximum 6-year accreditation of CTI and EUR-ACE)

The five “smart plus” majors break disciplinary barriers to integrate the essence of engineering education in China and France. Here, interdisciplinary studies and innovation are encouraged and give full play to the prestigious specialties of Tianjin University.

With the unique school-running philosophy of “inheritance and innovation, crossover and integration, coordination and sharing”, TIEI organically integrates national development strategies with industry hot spots and invites enterprises to fully participate in talent training. TIEI focuses on a solid theoretical foundation, strives to strengthen practice and to broaden the horizon of the students. TIEI also actively builds an international high-level faculty team to achieve the goal of strengthening well-rounded education and cultivating leaders.

The teaching content is deeply integrated with the education goals and TIEI has expanded in many aspects with broadened vision in politics, economy, culture and technology. Students in TIEI have international internships and participate in international competitions and research projects in prestigious universities worldwide.  Such multichannel integration helps students improve their international vision. The 10-month progressive enterprise internships help realize the seamless connection between school education and enterprise needs.

Upon graduation students receive graduate certificates and master’s degrees from Tianjin University. In addition, each of the students will also receive a French engineer diploma authorized by CTI, a diploma highly recognized in Europe.

Currently, TIEI graduates are mostly employed in big cities such as Beijing, Shanghai and Tianjin by Fortune Global 500 companies, industry-leading companies, or by science research institutes. Some graduates choose to pursue doctoral degrees (PhD) in top universities in China and abroad.

On the fifth anniversary of its founding, TIEI has officially become the 16th  member and the first overseas member of the French Polytech Group. The institute is committed to becoming a new platform for cooperation and exchange between educational and business sectors in China and France, and also to contribute to the construction of the Emerging Engineering Education.

TIEI has been shortlisted in the “International Strategy of the Year” at Times Higher Education (THE) Awards Asia 2020. Being shortlisted for the award indicates that the college’s diversified innovation and outstanding achievements in personnel training have gained international attention and recognition.

In the coming years, TIEI will intensively work on the pedagogic innovation with the Emerging Engineering Education and will continuously explore new ways of engineering training. We will promote integration between industry and education and achieve cooperation between enterprises and institutes. By integrating the competitive advantages of world top universities, TIEI will put sustained efforts to pioneer a new model for engineering education and to become a renowned leading training institute. Our ambition is to develop world-class engineering disciplines as we work to bring out the full potential of higher education for the benefit of the society.