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French Teacher’s Online Courses for TIEI Computer Science Students


Formal Language and Automata, Web Programming, these two full English classes are taught by French teacher: Marc. Due to the COVID-19, the computer science students are taught through online courses. The great attention of the TIEI leaders, the meticulous professionalism of foreign teacher, and the collaborative communication between professional teachers and assistants have built an efficient online courses.

Intelligent teaching platform + attentive curriculum design = interactive teaching mode

In order to facilitate students’ preview and review, and real-time supervision of study time and homework submission, after the college leaders and academic teachers’ carefully consideration, we decided to use “Skype”+ Tianjin University E-Learning teaching platform as the final plan to ensure the quality of teaching and learning. Besides, Marc uses the method of “recording basic theory video” + “live practical operation and interactive Q&A”, which make these two courses very successfully.

 Scientific homework content + teachers whole process supervision = excellent learning effect

The smooth progress of these two full English online courses require careful preparation by Marc, and the concerted efforts of teachers and students. Student assistants cooperate with foreign teacher to deliver various notifications to their classmates, play important role in interacting with Marc, and assisting in group activities; Chinese teachers participate in the lectures, and supervise students to complete homework and exams on time and efficiently; academic affairs teacher monitor the progress of the course and and ensure the quality of teaching and learning. In view of the characteristics of the courses, the teachers also designed a variety of phase exercises including phased quiz, real-time code exercises and group collaboration projects to build a solid guarantee of learning effectiveness.

Periodic questionnaire + thoughtful questions mutual feedback = improved course quality

TIEI adheres to “student-centered”, through designing and analyzing periodic teaching and learning evaluation questionnaires and one-to-one communication with students, the college can grasp students’ recent learning situation and feelings in time, and understand the learning goals that foreign teachers hope students to achieve in terms of teaching progress, which can further improve the learning rhythm and teaching methods, and make the course content more suitable for learning needs. Also the students can comprehensively enhance their self-learning consciousness.

During the epidemic, online course is not only a challenge of organization management and teaching quality, but also an opportunity. TIEI will continue to explore new forms of online courses in the intelligent era with the guidance of “quality”.



 (By:SHAO Chen   Translator:ZHANG Xiaojuan)