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TIEI Held Blue-collar Internship and Assistant Engineer Internship Defenses Successfully

From September 22 to September 25, TIEI held the blue-collar internship of Grade 2019 and the assistant engineer internship of Grade 2018 defenses online through Tencent Meeting platform. We invited experienced teachers from companies such as: TATA Consultancy Service, the 18 CLP, Tianjin R&F City Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. etc. to serve as the judges.

The defenses of these two internships are divided into two parts: student project presentation and questions by judges. Through PPT in English, the students demonstrated their practice projects, their understanding of the project knowledge and their experience in the internship process to the judges. Then the judges asked questions according to the presentation, and gave professional comments and guidance. The students said that the professional guidance gave them a deeper insight into the internship project, and gave birth to new ideas for solving practical engineering problems.

The internship defenses are to test the students’ achievements in the blue-collar internship and assistant engineer internship. The internship  not only consolidates their academic foundation, but also improves the students’ practical ability, innovation and management ability, which can help students make plan for personal learning and career earlier.