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Pursuit of Excellence, Seek Truth and Innovation

      On September 27, the opening ceremony of the 2020 freshmen of the Qiushi Honors College and International Engineering Institute of Tianjin University was held in the Zheng Dong Library of Peiyang Park Campus. The 62 undergraduates of the 2020 "Future Intelligent Machines and Systems" platform and the 145 graduate students of the International Engineering Institute gathered together to embark on a new journey of learning career and integrate into the reform tide of "Emerging Engineering Education" talent training. Gong Jinlong, Member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee of Tianjin University and Vice-President, attended the ceremony. Li Bin, Director of the Academic Affairs Office, Ma Kaixue, Dean of the School of Microelectronics, Lan Lan, Assistant Dean of the Law School of Tianjin University, Professor Liu Gang and Associate Professor Wang Zhigang of the School of Architecture attended the ceremony as representatives of student academic tutors of 2020 "Future Intelligent Machines and Systems" platform . The ceremony also invited Zheng Ailin, Asia Operations Director of NXP Edge Computing Division, representative of the corporate club to attended. Shan Xiaolin, Secretary of the Party Committee of the Qiushi Honors Collegeand other members of the party and government administration attended the opening ceremony.

All the new students solemnly read and signed the “Oath of Honor”. With the spirit of seeking truth from facts, study hard and pursue the truth. With perseverance , promote the development of science and technology and explore new areas of science and technology. With outstanding achievements, serve the motherland, undertake the mission of the times, and contribute to the realization of the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation!

Ma Kaixue, Dean of the School of Microelectronics, delivered a speech as the leader of the co-construction college and the representative of the academic tutor of 2020 students. He encouraged students to use innovative thinking, rigorous attitude and unswerving spirit to devote themselves to study and scientific research, dare to challenge and explore future transformative technologies, pursue excellence, seize opportunities for technological development, and become forward-looking cross-thinking Leading technology talents.


As a representative of the enterprise, Zheng Ailin hopes that students will plan their academic and professional development from a global perspective, cultivate good communication skills, cultural tolerance, humanistic feelings and professionalism, and continue to break through themselves in the future.

 In the video, Professor Philippe Gourbesville, the French Dean of the International Engineering Institute, first welcomed new students to study at the International Engineering Institute. Then I put forward some expectations for the new students, hoping that the students will make full use of the opportunities of Sino-French education cooperation, understand Western culture, appreciate the French engineer education and teaching style, and broaden their horizons and thinking. Secondly, I expect the students to actively participate in enterprise practice and integrate their professional knowledge. Finally, I hope that the students will become excellent engineers with international vision.

 "If the young generation has ideals, abilities and responsibilities, the country will have a future and the nation will have hope." Vice-President Gong Jinlong encouraged the 2020 freshmen with the inculcation of General Secretary Xi Jinping. He sent a heartfelt message to freshmen to bravely pursue their dreams on the new journey of life. At the same time, he puts forward five expectations for everyone: first, firm ideals and beliefs, lofty aspirations, and down-to-earth. Secondly, we should develop excellent skills and strive to promote the transformation of new technologies, new methods and new models. Third, be brave to innovate and create, and establish the ambition to surpass the predecessors on the basis of inheriting the predecessors. Fourth, be determined to work hard and bravely shoulder the great love for the motherland and the responsibility for the nation. Fifthly, be temper the noble character and become the power source of unremitting struggle.

 At the ceremony, the graduates shared their own learning experiences. so as to build a young country with the self of youth, and create a better future with realistic character. First of all, they encourage freshmen to think hard, study hard, and practice actively. And encourage new students to devote themselves to national construction and create a better future.

The ceremony came to an end with the loud school song. After the ceremony, participating leaders, teachers, enterprise representatives and leaders of Qiushi Honors College took a group photo with all the freshmen.

The Qiushi Honors College of Tianjin University and International Engineering Institute aim to build a substantial " Excellent Engineering Innovative Talent Training Experimental Center", to cultivate outstanding talents with family and country feelings, global vision, innovative spirit and practical ability. May all 2020 freshmen adhering to the spirit of "pursuing excellence, Qiushi and innovation", and be brave to be the forerunner, pioneer and leader of the new era!

(By:LIU Yingtong  ZHANG Pingting     Translator:ZHANG Pingting)