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TIEI Dean of Teaching Face to Face all Freshmen

 On October 7, Guan Jing, TIEI Vice Dean of teaching and 139 freshmen of grade 2020 gathered together to discuss a new starting point and foresee a new future, which is to enable the 2020 freshmen to open a new journey of postgraduate learning and scientific research, and further deepen their understanding of TIEI successfully. The student counselor and academic affairs teacher attended the meeting together.

Living up to the youth, the future can be expected

At the beginning of the meeting, Guan Jing gave a warm welcome to the “future engineers” who join TIEI, and introduced the development history and basic situation of the college. As a teacher and postgraduate tutor, based on her many years’ teaching and guidance experience, she explained to the freshmen that as TIEI students, everyone should have the moral and political literacy, learning and scientific research capabilities, and professional and innovative spirit. She used a large number of examples to warn the freshmen, adhering to the school motto of Tianjin University of “seeking truth from facts”, insisting on scientific research integrity, adhering to academic standards, being honest in reading, in doing research projects, in writing articles and being a person of both ability and political integrity. She told each student that “From now on, everyone should think about what kind of person you want to be and how to make you become a leader in future industry and academics.”


Pursue excellence, keep the original intention

Student counselor Chen Wei gave detailed explanations on the scholarship system, Tianjin University Dormitory Management Regulations, examination regulations and disciplines, etc., shared the employment experience of outstanding graduates through data and examples, and vividly introduced the graduates development in their career life. At last, she hoped that students can show their prominence in various competitions in the school and society, win honor for the school, keep the original aspiration, and never forget the responsibility of being realistic and innovative future engineers .

We hope that all the TIEI students will gather together, anchor the right direction and grow together in the next three years.

(By:SHAO Chen      Translator:ZHANG Xiaojuan)