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    【Assistant Engineer Internship】TIEI Student Internship Collection

    Release Date: 2015-09-15 18:25:50

        On October 9, 2016, Tianjin International Engineering Institute successfully held 2016 assistant engineer internship thesis defense. This defense is an inspection to the second stage internship result (TIEI students must complete three stages internship), to promote TIEI students’ deep understanding of engineers, help TIEI know about students’ practice results and enhance the contact between TIEI and enterprises.     

         This assistant engineer internship was completed by grade 2014 and 2015 students in summer vacation, including many different forms. For example, students studied in France, practiced in major enterprises and participated in science and technology projects in campus. During the thesis defense, students showed their summer internship in group and introduced their achievements to judges and teachers. The thesis defense included two parts: students make PPT presentation and then judges ask related questions. The students’ performance received unanimous praise from judges who attended.     


        Tianjin International Engineering Institute trains high-level engineering talents by following the French engineer training mode, setting up three stages internship for TIEI students. The first internship is in the summer vacation after two semesters, theme of which is “Blue-collar Practice” for one month. The second internship is in the fourth semester, whose theme is “Assistant Engineer Internship” for three months. The third internship is in the sixth semester. It is the “Engineering Internship” as well as the graduation internship for six months. The three stages internship gradually consolidates students’ knowledge system, progressively improves students’ ability to work independently, and helps students understand and master the forefront of their professional fields.         


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