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    【Assistant Engineer Internship】Intership in Nice, France

    Release Date: 2015-09-15 21:29:29

    【Assistant Engineer Internship】Intership in Nice, France


           In May 2016, master's degree students of 2015 Tianjin University International Institute of Engineering came to Nice in southern France for short-term internship.

           The students full of longing embarked on a practice trip to France. In the internship process, the students appreciated the French engineers strict requirements, excellent working attitude and rigorous scientific research spirit. The students applied the knowledge during the internship and exercised the actual operation of the skills. At the same time they strengthened their French communication ability during the communication with French teachers, students and local French people. The students also took advantage of this opportunity to enjoy the architecture of the Provence culture along the blue coast.

          In the Provence, the large and small town of South France scattered on the blue coast of the Alps. Walking in the quiet alley in the ancient city, if you look upward, you will catch a glimpse of wooden Blinds, or a small window full of flowers, or a quiet lane lights. We shuttling in the old city of Antibes, a craftsman closed his eyes and cut out the beautiful silhouette. We talked from the medieval aristocratic appearance to the contemporary architectural style, from the craftsmen sharing his road to school to encouraging our young people to study hard. 


          Time flowing in the intersection of the three languages - Chinese, English and French, the sunset of the ancient city and craftsman good farewell all turned into the silhouette of the heart. Time flies and the brief internship in France end in the students serious study and laughter.

          The knowledge and skills learned in this internship have accumulated valuable experience for future work and study, and the experience of studying life in France will be unforgettable. Full harvest and dismay, the internship in France came to an end.


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