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    【Assistant Engineer Internship】Cao Wen Alibaba

    Release Date: 2015-09-16 10:22:30

    Cao Wen   Computer Science

    Internship Company:Alibaba

    Internship Harvest:

            More than two months internship time, all aspects of the harvest is big, here I only listed in the process of project, technology on the deepest feeling:

         a.  The canonical code;

         b.  Architecture ability, mainly reflected in the code of ability of organization, such as the reuse of code and inheritance;

         c.  Teamwork, including front and rear end with this cooperation;

         d.  Technology selection.

          Through the familiarity with the characteristics of the various tools library, all aspects of comparison, choose the appropriate tool library, for the efficient development. Through this period of time to do the project requirements, I still have a lot of places need to improve, so I made the future planning: the front end of the first to have solid basic skills. Then common tools for learning library and front-end framework, such ability in the technology selection, choose a mature, stable, low cost of development tools, libraries and frameworks. Learning technology is the most effective way is the more practice, I will make full use of the lot, through open source projects for technological learning. Technology improvement is progressive, the front end of the depth and breadth of knowledge has certain master, I hope I can become the backbone of the team.



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