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    【Assistant Engineer Internship】Xu Ru&Shang KeNan NXP Semiconductors

    Release Date: 2015-09-16 13:47:27


    Xu Ru                      Electronic

    Shang Kenan                   Computer Sciennce

    Internship Company:NXP Semiconductors   

    Internship Position:Software Engineer

    Internship Havrest:

           As software egineerers, we took part in real industrial programs in NXP semiconductors. During the intern time, we learnt about what should be done for real occupations and how to coorperate with others in a group. What's more important, we leanrt that we have so much to do to make us competent enigeerers. At last, it is a precious opportunity for us students to learn somerhing in school. Here, we can make errors and would not pay too much for them. The time in school shoukd be our best chance to make progress with least cost.






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