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    【Assistant Engineer Internship】Xie JianHong Honeywell

    Release Date: 2015-09-16 16:14:55

    Xie Jiahong    Electronic

    Internship Company:Honeywell

    Internship Position:Front development engineer

    Internship Harvest:

            I’m responsible for web encryption and SSL certificate development as a web developer in Honeywell. I found that international company is serious with software copyright, information security and workflow when I enter Honeywell, which is never touched as a student. I learned how to communicate and cooperation with others through learning from the colleagues. I realized that our work has a great impact on ohters’ work, so it’s important to notify others if you make any change. Besides, I also realize that every department has equal important function, a product is not done by one department, it needs all departments work together. I have learned a lot of knowledge and experience from Honeywell especially the team cooperation experience and workflow in software development which I can’t get from campus, it will be very helpful for my work in the future.


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