The Excellence League

“Cooperative Alliance for Excellent Talents Training” (abbreviated as “Excellence League”) is an alliance of 9top comprehensive universities with engineering advantage in China. Since its establishment, the Excellence League is committed to promoting the exchange and cooperation in training innovative talents. It jointly carries out the interdependent selection and admission based on the motto of “Pursue the Excellence and Share the Resources” to select excellent students with disciplinary advantages and innovative potential. By taking excellent talent training as the core, it jointly explores the talent-training rule and mode and seeks comprehensive deep exchange and cooperation in admission and joint training of undergraduates and graduates, international cooperation exchange, resources sharing, university-enterprise-research cooperation and others.

The Excellence League adopts the system of Rotating President. Nine presidents of the corresponding nine universities act as the rotating president in turn to regularly hold presidents joint meeting every year and build joint meeting system with regard torelated departments such as Graduate School, Office of Academic Affairs, Admission Office, Department of Science and Technology, Department of International Cooperation, Information Center, Equipment Department and Library. Prof. Jiajun Li, President of Tianjin University is the Rotating President of the second session.

Contact with Honors Colleges of Other Leading Domestic Universities

Under the guidance of the national education reform meeting, Qiushi Honors College has established long-term partnership with honors colleges of many other major universities. In July and August 2014, some teachers of Qiushi Honors College visited and investigated in honors colleges of some major domestic universities, during which they mainly explored and discussed on the reform of engineering talent training. After the investigation, they drafted Investigation Report on Training of Excellent Engineering Talents (refer to Appendix B.4.2), which focused on analyzing the talent training mode, training objective, resources allocation and others of Qiushi Honors College.They proposed specific measures for the improvement of training engineering talents in Tianjin University.

Besides honors colleges of domestic key universities, TIEI also maintains close contact with Civil Aviation University of China, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics and Shanghai Jiaotong University and regularly exchange experience with these colleges about talent cultivation and university-enterprisecooperation.