Tianjin International Engineering Institute (TIEI) is one engineering institute established under the cooperation of universities from Mainland China and well-known French universities. On the occasion when the diplomatic relations between China and French has been established for 50 years, the institute is established on the basis of advantages of Tianjin University and features of Polytech Nice-Sophia, and is also vigorously supported by French Embassy in China, Polytech Group, Tianjin Alliance Française, Tianjin High-Tech Zone and Tianjin Education Commission. Polytech Nice-Sophia is affiliated to University of Nice, and is also an important member of Polytech Group. The engineering education covers many current scientific frontier fields such as electronic engineering, hydraulic engineering and smart building, and also focuses on the employment and vocational development of students in the future. TIEI adheres to the unique and innovative spirit and is committed to provide the international first-class education environment and engineering courses for training senior engineering talents for enterprises.

Tianjin International Engineering Institute attaches great importance to its own image, promoting and keeping it by multi-channel online and offline, to enhance the attractiveness. The official website of the college (http://www.tju.edu.cn/tiei/index.htm) has been on-line updated in real time. The staffs are arranged for its maintenance. Using the official platform of WeChat, the college published the content about the institute, such as "One picture helping you know the TIEI", "the comprehensive introduction to the enterprises". The hits to the platform have reached more than one thousand times. The students prefer this approach of introduction quite much. Also, we have made brochure of TIEI to exhibit our advantages and achievements. 

For the purpose of promotion, the institute takes the opportunity of campus cultural activities of “TJU · Begonia Season” to fully display the university’s features and achievements to the students and the public. It held the “French Cultural Festival” to create the French cultural atmosphere by displaying French food, tourism and education as well as holding a series of lectures, movies and activities related to French culture. Moreover, TJU has organized the teachers to admit and promote in universities of Shenyang, Harbin, Xi’an, Dalian and others and strive for outstanding students to achieve good results.

To further improve the international popularity of TIEI, enhance the understanding on French enterprises in China and deepen the bilateral friendship, the institute has joined in French Chamber of Commerce and regularly participated in relevant activities organized by the Chamber of Commerce. For example, the institute participated in member exchanges of Chamber of Commerce in February, April and May. Through the exchanges of French Chamber of Commerce, the institute has improved its popularity and enhanced its communication with enterprises, thus helping the institute to build a favorable platform for development of the Enterprise Club and to promote the academic development.