Chinese English

    As the pilot training zone of engineering talents of TJU, TIEI will fully utilize the international education resources, strengthen the cooperation with government and enterprises, and constantly improve the quality in the aspects of faculty allocation, teaching standards, teaching environment and facilities. 


General ideas for the development of TIEI are as follows:

·   TIEI will strengthen the internal construction, and realize the coordinated development of scale, structure, quality and benefits. TIEI will also improve the mechanism of Sino-foreign cooperation in education, build the cultivation system for international engineering talents with a good connection between undergraduates and postgraduates, and will highlight the university characteristics.

·   TIEI will continue constructing a curriculum system in which most of the courses are taught in English, and building a modular teaching system with a reasonable curriculum structure.

·   TIEI will introduce and implement the contractual/external teachers' system, build a contractual/external teachers' team with high academic quality that is internationally competitive and vocationally proficient, and promote the training of young teachers of related disciplines in TJU.

·   Using international cooperation and exchange as a platform, TIEI will further expand the extent of international cooperation and exchange, and improve the level of cooperation and exchange to promote the internationalization of TJU.

    To meet the socio-economic needs of China and to better serve the development of Tianjin, TIEI will expand and reinforce its research collaboration with enterprises. TIEI strives to become an important base for training talents with practical skills, a demonstration area of university-enterprise research cooperation, and a bridge for Sino-foreign cultural exchanges.


TIEI plans to take concrete measures in the following aspects:

1.To improve student quality

    TIEI now admits students from Chinese key colleges and universities (i.e. universities of “Project 985” and “Project 211”). The examination-exempt undergraduate students and the students with their first three-year GPA ranking top 30% are entitled to make an application. The applicants shall demonstrate strong mathematical capabilities and English language proficiency in listening, speaking, reading and writing. Those students who have academic publications, made scientific outcomes or are winners in major domestic and international competitions may be prioritized. The stringent application procedures ensure the relatively high quality of the students. Meanwhile, TIEI will further attract outstanding students with the rich resources and unique teaching advantages of Tianjin University, Polytech Nice-Sophia, and TIEI.


2.To improve teaching quality

    The improvement of teaching quality starts from the full English curriculum system, referring to the international standards to build the modular teaching system with reasonable course structure in order to better foster international engineering talents. Specific measures include the implementation of the dual employment track, the recruitment of faculty team with international competitiveness and rich experience in business, and strongly supporting young teachers of relevant disciplines for Tianjin University. The plan also includes building sound teaching quality supervision, management and control system so as to improve the teaching quality and operation efficiency.


3.To deepen university-enterprise cooperation

    Located in Tianjin, the northern economic center of China, TIEI is provided with unique advantages for university-enterprise cooperation by the vast enterprise resources in Tianjin Binhai New Area. The institute follows the national economic and social demands to constantly explore the range for university-enterprise research cooperation. In the process of expanding the scale of enterprise club, TIEI also carries out deeper cooperation (refer to Appendix A.1.3.e for letters of enterprises). Moreover, TIEI will improve the capabilities of serving the economic and social development China and Tianjin, and promote the university-enterprise research cooperation to become an important training base for engineering talents, the demonstration base for university-enterprise research cooperation, and the base for Sino-foreign cultural exchange.


4. To expand international cooperation and exchange

    TIEI expands and improves the content and level of international cooperation and exchange. The institute has signed cooperation agreements with Polytech Nice-Sophia, German Rhine-Waal University, TIEI makes full use of 130 intercollegiate exchanges of TJU by providing rich channels for students to study, exchange and practice abroad, which has fully expanded the international vision of students, and improved the language skills and working capabilities in the international scientific and technological environment. Moreover, the institute actively explores the admission and management model for postgraduates and it has built the teaching and logistic guarantee facilities that adapt to the international talents training system and to the size of overseas students.