Chinese English

Development Plan of TIEI (2015-2020)


Chapter I  Strategic Positioning and Implementation Route

    Rely on the engineering advantages of Tianjin University and engineering education resources of high-level universities international, and combine with the targets of Tianjin University for building a comprehensive, research-based, open and international world-class university to deeply promote schooling under Chinese-foreign cooperation, actively explore the engineering talents training model and build an international open first-class engineering institute to meet the demands of an innovative country building for talents, serve the strategic layout of “One Belt and One Road” and train the international engineering talents that adapt to the social and economic development of China and promote the world progress.


    Our institute will make full use of international education resources, constantly improve the teaching staff, teaching level, teaching environment and conditions, students employment and others, and complete the CTI international certification; and actively prepare for application of schooling project with the cooperation of Ministry of Education.


Chapter II  Development Thoughts

    General thought: to enhance the internal building, and realize the coordinated development of scale, structure, quality and efficiency. Improve the Chinese-foreign cooperation mechanism in running schools, build the bachelor-master international engineering talents training system and highlight the school characteristics.


    Start from building a full English course system, refer to the international standards, build the module teaching system with reasonable course structures and create international engineering talents.


    Improve the double/external employment teacher mechanism, build a team of high-quality teachers under double/external employment with international competitiveness and exquisite business skills, and drive to foster young teachers of relevant disciplines of Tianjin University.


    Take international cooperation and exchange as the platform to further expand the connotation and fields of international cooperation and exchange, improve cooperation and exchange level and promote the international progress of school.


    Take the national economic and social demands as the guidance to expand the width and depth of university-industry-research cooperation. Improve the capabilities serving the economic and social development of the state and Tianjin, and promote the university-industry-research cooperation to become an important base of Tianjin for fostering applied talents, a demonstration base for university-industry-research cooperation and a Chinese-foreign cultural exchange base.


Chapter III  Major Tasks

i. Improve the institute management system

    The Board of Director is the highest governing body, which provides consultancy, review and supervision for the institute development and actively strives for schooling resources. Members include school leaders of Tianjin University, school leaders of Polytech Nice-Sophia, domestic and foreign enterprises with relatively high popularity and representation, government representatives, teacher representatives and student representatives.


    Executive Committee is responsible for smooth implementation of various plans and coordination of relevant affairs. Members of Executive Committee include special communication personnel of Nice-Sophia, management personnel of TIEI, competent persons of relevant functional departments (Graduate School, Office of Academic Affairs, International Cooperation and Exchange Department, Research Institute and others) of Tianjin University, teaching colleges and teacher representatives. Teaching steering committees of all majors shall be responsible for guiding the major building and determine the professional training targets and talents training solution.

    The institute is provided with 1 Chinese dean; 1 international dean; 1 party secretary,   deputy dean for administrative management; 1 deputy dean for teaching.. They shall be responsible for daily affairs and operation of the institute.


ii. Improve talents training model

1. School System

    The schooling duration is three years for deep training of engineering postgraduates. Adopt the full-time training model, combine the course learning and professional practice, implement the mentor team system, and highlight the training of knowledge and capabilities, especially the internship practice. At the end of learning, the qualified students will be granted with master diploma of Tianjin University, professional master’s degree diploma and CTI certified engineer diploma.


2. Admission Mechanism

Current Stage:

    Admit junior and senior undergraduates of Tianjin University. Preliminary evaluation: school expert team (consisting of Office of Academic Affairs, Graduate School, professional teachers and TIEI teachers) shall review the qualification of student materials according to the student achievement and awards, language proficiency, self-statement and others, and determine the list of candidates. Secondary evaluation: the interview judges consist of Office of Academic Affairs, Research Institute, Graduate School, professional teachers and English teachers. The interview shall focus on assessing the English listening and speaking capabilities, innovative practice capabilities, communication skills and team cooperation capabilities and pay attention to assessment of professional quality and comprehensive quality of students. The whole process is recorded by videos and supervised by discipline specialists. The students shall be admitted if qualified in the secondary evaluation.


Plan of next stage is to:

    Admit the students across country for postgraduates. TIEI serves as a separate admission unit in Tianjin University, and is provided with three majors of electronic information, computers and intelligent building. The students shall participant in the national postgraduate entrance exam and be admitted if meeting the admission conditions of Tianjin University and passing the reexamination.

    Admit international students. Include in a full-English teaching project of National Foundation for Studying Abroad, and admit international students for short-term exchange and international students for academic degrees.


3. Courses

    Set the courses specific to the characteristics of the engineering field and enterprise demands according to the training features of French engineers and requirements of CTI certification, combine the course features of Tianjin University, focus on expanding the professional scope to be systemic and broad and ensure to provide necessary theoretical basis, wide adaptability and relative stability to enable students to build the compound knowledge structure and capability structure within the limited time. In addition, the courses shall also include interdisciplinary courses, frontier courses, information courses and applied courses, and also cover the economy management, humanities, art and other comprehensive quality. Foreign language courses shall focus on the training of language application capability and highlight the practicality. Professional courses shall emphasize the learning and practice of new technologies, new methods and new processes in the field. The English or bilingual courses shall be no less than 80%. The internship shall include three stages and last at least 10 months in total.


4. Background of Teachers

    The courses shall be lectured by teachers from Chinese and international universities, engineers of Chinese and international enterprises, experts and researchers of research institutes. The international teachers shall account for no less that 40% of the courses and enterprises teachers shall account for no less than 30% of the courses.


5. Student Exchange

    No less than 30% of students shall have the chance to study in Polytech Nice-Sophia and other foreign universities for study and academic and exchanges and participate in social practice and enterprise internship. During the study period, the students may also have the opportunity for exchange in France in terms of culture, education, literature and art, social activities, etc.


iii. Improve the university-enterprise cooperation mechanism

    Enterprise club shall provide a cooperation platform for deep exchanges between universities and enterprises and among enterprises, regularly hold salon of enterprise club and enhance the exchange and cooperation between universities and enterprises and among enterprises.


    The university shall train first-class engineering talents for enterprises according to the actual needs of enterprises to make students understand the situations of enterprises in advance and actively recruit interns for the enterprises; build the university-enterprise joint scientific team and focus on jointly studying the interested scientific subjects; and train the enterprise employees to meet the demands of enterprise employees for further education and higher education.


    The enterprises shall participate in the school education and course development. Senior management personnel and technical personnel shall be appointed as student instructors and open relevant courses for students according to the actual conditions of enterprises; and build the internship practice base and accept the probation and internships with salary.


iv. Build a team of high-level teachers

    Train a team of backbone teachers in the school. Rely on the high-quality teachers of relevant disciplines of Tianjin University, arrange young backbone teachers to further study in foreign academic collaborators according to the plans, and train a team of backbone teachers who have exquisite professional knowledge, international vision and teaching level and are familiar with actual conditions of enterprises.


    Actively hire international teachers. The international academic collaborators shall arrange their outstanding teachers to build the courses and give lectures.


    Vigorously introduce enterprise teachers, and appoint a batch of senior technical and management personnel to hold additional posts in our school to form a relatively stable team of enterprise teachers.


    Build the teacher recruitment mechanism by combining the double employment and international employment. Adopt the double employment system, improve the international employment system (including international teachers and enterprise teachers), and build a complete recruitment system for appointment, assessment and calculation of workload.


Chapter IV  Fund Guarantee

i. Fund Sources

    School input: Tianjin University invests a special fund of about 1 million annually.

    Government support: Tianjin Foreign Experts Bureau provides a certain amount of fund support each year for the institute through the visiting experts project.

    Community support: the institute strives to obtain the fund support from all communities.

    Tuition fees: the annual tuition fee of TIEI students is consistent with that of postgraduates of Tianjin University. The charging standard shall be properly increased after the CTI certification.

    Relevant investment of international academic collaborators.


ii. Fund Use

    Relevant fees for visit of teachers from foreign academic collaborators in China (including travel expenses, food and accommodation fee and lecturing fee);

    English course fees for relevant professional teachers of Tianjin University (including lecturing fee, syllabus, lecture notes, laboratory guidance and course design);

    Remuneration for teachers outside school appointed by TIEI (international teachers, enterprise mentors and relevant professional teachers of other universities);

    Internship funds.

    Operation and management expenses of the Institute.