Chinese English

General ideas for the development of TIEI are as follows:
    TIEI will strengthen the internal construction, and realize the coordinated development of scale, structure, quality and benefits. TIEI will also improve the mechanism of Sino-foreign cooperation in education, build the cultivation system for international engineering talents with a good connection between undergraduates and postgraduates, and will highlight the university characteristics.
    TIEI will continue constructing a curriculum system in which most of the courses are taught in English, and building a modular teaching system with a reasonable curriculum structure.
    TIEI will introduce and implement the contractual/external teachers' system, build a contractual/external teachers' team with high academic quality that is internationally competitive and vocationally proficient, and promote the training of young teachers of related disciplines in TJU.
    Using international cooperation and exchange as a platform, TIEI will further expand the extent of international cooperation and exchange, and improve the level of cooperation and exchange to promote the internationalization of TJU.