About the Internships

In the engineer-learning phase, students should obtain professional practice experience through internship and projects related to their specialties and knowledge level. All students are required to complete three stages of internship in order to get the diploma. Total time of the internship in enterprises shall not be less than 28 weeks. The three stages of internship are as follows:

The first internship is in the summer vacation after two semesters, theme of which is "Blue-collar Intership". The internship will last for a month, aiming at offering students basic knowledge of enterprises together with helping students explore the operating mode of enterprises in the perspective of engineers. During the internship, students shall find out what the enterprise is as workers, work in the enterprise environment and understand the organizational form and operating mode of enterprises, where managerial knowledge learned in the first school year will be applied in practice. Before the internship, the enterprise principals will come to give lectures to the students, introducing operating modes and profiles of their enterprises so that the students can fully understand the enterprises. Whether students participate in internships or not will be an examination points.

The second internship is in the fourth semester, whose theme is "Assistant Engineer Internship". The internship will last for three months. During this internship, students will have much more contact with actual situation, involved more deeply in engineering construction as assistant engineers. At the end of the internship, students shall hand in internship reports and reply. Students should be clearer about their career planning after this internship. Qiushi Honors College and the internship enterprise will arrange mentors for students respectively. The mentors will have timely communication about the student's internship condition, determine the identification and review of the internship, and give the grades together.

The third internship is in the sixth semester. It is the "Engineer Internship" as well as the graduation internship. Within six months, students shall deal with scientific, technical and practical problems as an engineer. They shall work in the enterprise with learned knowledge and skills from the TIEI curriculum. The enterprise shall be the company related to the field for which the students’ tends to work in the future, so that students can have better performance once they joined work as junior engineers. Each student has two mentors, college mentor and enterprise mentor. Two mentors will decide the research project together. Students are required to compose internship research reports (or research paper), which account for half of their total scores of the third school year. After the internship, the enterprises will give the students testimonials and the one who have passed the internship can get into question-and-answer session. Also, the report will serve as the graduation thesis to apply for master's degree. The degree evaluation committee will judge students’ internship report. The degree evaluation committee consists of internship instructors, mentors, alumni representatives and so on. All reports shall be completed in English.