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    CTI Certification Training Seminar of TIEI of Tianjin University Was Successfully Held

    Release Date: 2017-02-18 19:32:31

    On the morning of February 18, 2017, the first teaching session of Tianjin International Engineering Institute was held at Room 212, Block D, 26 teaching building, Weijin Road Campus. Prof. Marc Gaetano, Professor of  Polytech Nice Sophia, Qiushi Honors College deputy director, prof. Yu Mei and Wang Wei, Professor Su Yuting, Prof. Wang Jianrong, Zhou Ting teacher and other 16 professional heads and grade leaders attended the meeting.

    At the meeting, Yu Mei director made a detailed arrangement for the preparation of the CTI, including the professional reporting materials, the preparation of laboratory visits, the collection of curriculum assessment materials, arrange professional seminars, etc. The meeting once again stressed the on-site assessment preparation time is tight, the task is heavy, hope that the relevant colleges to actively respond to the preparatory work. Wang Wei director summed up the preparatory work related to teaching management, administration, seminars and other aspects, and only working together, raising the attention can do fine work.

    Subsequently, Professor Marc Gaetano expressed concern about the progress of the current certification preparation work, and made a detailed description of the key aspects of the teaching infrastructure visit, teacher and student forums, etc. Professional director and Professor Marc Gaetano conducted a detailed exchange in the laboratory to visit the project, professional reporting focus, practice, etc.

    This seminar on teaching focused on the CTI certification preparation work, and decided that the next step would carry out the work of the sorting of teaching materials, the organization of the professional reporting documents, the visit of the laboratory, the confirmation of the business personnel. The head of the project from each college department and the grade leader paid high attention to the certification preparation work, and actively organized all teachers and other relevant personnel in the college and specialty to promote the work progress jointly, for the full success of the certification of the French engineer title.