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    CTI Certification Training Seminar of TIEI Was Successfully Held

    Release Date: 2017-02-21 20:02:21

    February 21st, 2017, CTI certification training seminar of Tianjin International Engineering Institute was successfully held in eighth meeting room of Conference Building of Tianjin University, Weijin Road., Former Minister Education Counselor of Chinese Embassy Zhu Xiaoyu, director of Cooperative Education Project Development Center of Civil Aviation University of China(CAUC) Yu Lijun were presented and Dean of the School of International Education of Tianjin University Chen Zhihua, assistant dean of School of Computer Science and Technology Hu Qinghua, assistant dean of Computer Software Wei Jianguo, party secretary of Qiushi Honor College Shan Xiaolin, deputy director of Qiushi Honor College Wang Wei and the representatives of teachers and students attended the seminar. The seminar was divided into two halves by the noon, hosted by Shan Xiaolin. Zhu Xiaoyu, Yu Lijun illustrated the related issued on the CTI certification on the seminar.

    At 10:00, the seminar commenced. ZhuXiaoyu elaborated on cultivating system and international influence of the French engineer training, CTI’s evaluation and relative regulations on overseas institutions and briefly introduced the CTI. She says French engineer education is a unique model of elite training, overcame the drawbacks of theory’s digression from practice of traditional comprehensive university’s students and it has a strict access mechanism. Besides, ZhuXiaoyu combined the practical conditions of TIEI with the problem of the first time certification application of the overseas institutes, and focused on the key points of field trips.

    At 13:30, the training seminar continued, hosted by Yu Lijun. She summarized her working experience, starting from the “asking of Qian Xuesen” and “the Project for Excellence” strategy, to the elaborating on the following three aspects: firstly, the preparatory teaching system; secondly the cultivating target position and standards of engineering talents, thirdly the high humping-off point construction of the institute and the continuing perfection. Yu Lijun offered guiding suggestions for TIEI, based on the practical problems met in the Sino-European Institute of Aviation Engineering (SIAE) development and the certification process.

    Later, teachers made discussion on the laboratory tour, the CTI’s requirements on the teaching work, the internship in the corporations. This training seminar has great significance on promoting the work of CTI certification. Wishes were made that with the cooperation of all of the teachers presented in this seminar, the CTI certification will be a complete success in the international certification of Tianjin University, enhancing the international level, contributing to bringing the engineering education of Tianjin University to the world.