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    TIEI Teachers and Students Had a Discussion with Representatives of Tianfang Group

    Release Date: 2017-06-29 10:14:13

    (Correspondent  LiuYingtong)On June 27th, 2017, TIEI teachers and students went to Tianfang Development (Group) Co., Ltd to have a discussion with the enterprise representatives. This discussion is in-depth, with the topic of the students’ summer internship project.

    This stage of internship includes 3 projects of 100-year residence, intelligentization of the residence project and the intelligent products provided by Tianfang group to the students. Minister Lin of Tianfang group respectively introduced the concepts, developing of the 3 projects in detail and the principals to the 3 groups of students, and the latter met with the project tutors respectively under the leadership of the principals. Then, minister Lin briefly explained the regulations and systems of the company to the students attending the internship and showed the confidence towards the TIEI students in the respects of knowledge level and personal ability, hoping the students will adopt what they will learn during this internship to the real life, increase the communications with the tutors, learn more useful knowledge and constantly improve their own knowledge level and abilities.

    Finally, Chen Wei, the institute teacher put forward the requirements and wishes to the students attending the internship, expressed that the students should obey the regulations and laws of the company during the internship, follow the arrangements of the enterprise staff and finally wished the students to successfully accomplish this stage of internship.