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    TIEI Successfully Launched the Semester-beginning Ceremony for Grade-2017 New Students

    Release Date: 2017-08-25 11:41:01
    Abstract:   In the afternoon of August 24, the semester-beginning ceremony for TIEI grade-2017 new students was successfully lau...

             In the afternoon of August 24, the semester-beginning ceremony for TIEI grade-2017 new students was successfully launched in B103 conference hall, building No. 26 of Weijin Road campus of Tianjin University, Philippe GOURBESVILLE, French director of TIEI, Shan Xiaolin, party secretary, Zhang Tianying, vice party secretary, Yu Mei, vice academic director, Wang Wei, vice administrative director of TIEI and Yin Na, supervisor of Polytech Group EU Erasmus+ Program, the teacher representatives of the Chinese and French sides, all the faculty of TIEI administrative office and all the grade-2017 new students attended this ceremony.

    First of all, Professor Philippe, the French director had a speech. He emphasized that the French engineer education is the elite education in France that cultivate the engineers with the scientific thoughts and the acting competence. Then, he explained the original intention to all the new students of cooperating with Tianjin University to build TIEI, and introduced the relevant situation of the enterprise club. He shared the information of Polytech Nice Sophia with all the present teachers and students, as well as the talents training plans formulated according to TIEI actual situations. At last, he raises several expectations to all the students and encouraged them to constantly go beyond themselves.

    After that, the excellent graduate of TIEI, Xu Ru had a talk as the representative. She gave the warm advices to the new students, hoping them study down-to-earth, accomplish various scientific research programs with the tutors on and outside the campus, to well coordinate their time, develop the true talents and study abilities and treasure their study time in TIEI.

    After that, Wang Shanyu, representative of grade-2017 new students had a speech with fluent English. He firstly had a brief review towards his four years of undergraduate time, expressed his passion and expectations towards the studies during the TIEI period and at last, he conveyed the best wishes for all the new students for a new semester.

    At last, Shan Xiaolin, party secretary of TIEI shared the recent developing condition of TIEI with the students, including the period achievement that TIEI passing CTI accreditation with the highest degree. Then, Shan Xiaolin shared his own working feelings, gave the students some suggestions about studies and work, exhorted them to study hard so as to become a student with high IQ and EQ, and he expressed his wishes and welcome to the new students.

    TIEI is devoted to train the leading talents in the international engineering field that promote Chinese economic and social development and the world progress. Combined with the training model of French engineer elite education, with the joint efforts of teachers and students, it is believed that TIEI will become more and more mature and perfect, and develop into the finest environment that trains the excellent engineers.